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How To Make Nostrils Smaller Especially When You Smile Or Laugh

hi everyone today i'm going to talk about how to make nostrils a little bit smaller even when you laugh or when you smile because when you smile it's normal that this nostril become bigger and some people have more bigger than normal i mean bigger than average and they're concerned so this is the solution in the past i thought that nostril the tip of the nose become longer uh with the edge so i didn't i did not want to do like a down motion but now i learned that this goes up and out just a little bit as overworked muscle when you smile especially when you smile or laugh so if you're concerned about vegan nostril this my area become very might be very very tense so it's good to reduce the tension down i did another video about that to straighten those by doing the massage if you haven't checked that please check it out just start straight how to straight to nose or something like that it's a similar idea reducing the tension by massage or doing a face shape technique like slowly down so we're basically going to massage this tension because i learned that when we smile especially when we smile like if i do back smile like this and causing a wrinkle wrinkle and some people do have like this one right yeah this horizontal or this vertical happens which means my here this line next to the nose this nose line is has a it's a really tense muscle and it's always like a little bit up up up see up up up i'm causing wrinkles yeah so this muscle needs to be relaxed that's the new info to me so this knees um all was up up when it's up you see like a up up up up my nostril or bigger right up up up up so today we are going to relax this um two muscles here next to the nose so let's use your finger i like using a knuckle but if you like this one wash your hands first this is fine too or but i'm gonna do this so put your finger like this here from the top next to the eye inner eye area and then slowly shiatsu down do you feel some pain if i do if i do like oh pressing pressing pressing a little bit pain you might feel a little bit pain but that's normal because you are um you might have intense tension in here so that's okay that that pain is the one that we want to break down by doing this chicago so let's do it again five to ten ten times per day so slowly from top down three a little bit painful four in my other video to um was i was talking about how to straighten nose and how to do more nose breathing easily i was doing this massage it's the same thing but this one feels more pain and that pain is the one you want to break down so if you're concerned about the bigger nostril neutral become bigger with age or especially when you smile or laugh nostrils become bigger because this part is really have tension and then please try this massage one and this shiatsu both please and then if you want to do this massage run please search how to straight to nose and nose breathing exercise video in my next video i'm going to talk about how to smile um by using the right muscle and by relaxing muscle especially nose area as well so please check it out as well if you're interested in other exercises check my website for to free download the yoga paper book and sugar oil and the app is available as well thank you so much see in the next video bye
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