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How To Make Upper Lip Fuller And Lower Lip Thinner | Easy Face Yoga Exercises

Possible to increase muscle muscle mass. Lip is sticking out. Everything is sticking up. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Hi Everyone, today I'm going to talk about how to make our lips fuller and thinner in other words, make the upper lip fuller and lower lip thinner. If you want it. The reason why I say this is with age, the in general, both lip become thinner, right? So we want to have a fuller lip to make ourselves look younger and fresher. Yes. That's one thing. But if you have very full, very full, lower lip people pay attention to something bigger. So if you have big stuff here, people are, people pay attention to lower face, which makes you look longer face, which makes you look older. That's why it's better to have fuller lips only on the upper lip first. And also I saw some comments on YouTube that people want to have a thinner lip. I don't recommend to have a thinner lip on the upper one because lip upper lip should be fuller. But if you're concerned about the fuller lower lip, I have some ideas. So keep watching.

Anyway. The first one is an upper lip to make upper lip fuller. First, relax, Cheek vibration, as you may know, or not, this is a good warming warmup. Yeah. We don't want to have unnecessary tension before this exercise. So just do this and then simply upper lip and lower lip touching, touching as much as, as hard as possible, pressing each other. But when you do it, if you don really think about just [inaudible] tiny smile, and if it's hard to do it, use your finger to lift up. Hmm. And then imagine that your lower lip does not exist. You're just doing this press thing only upper lip, even though both are moving both are pressing each other. Just think about the upper lip only. Then keep this 10 seconds. So let's do it. And then a tiny smile. If you can, you are not driving and you can use your finger was your hand first and then Hmm. Hmm, Hmm, Hmm. Hmm. Lactic acid is accumulated a lot here. So you need to release it by. Then you might think what about some wrinkles if when you do, um, cause the many wrinkles that happen to many people. So if that's the case, instead of using it to prevent, prevent the line, then again, think about only upper lip. Forget about the lower lip, the only upper lip is really pressing. It's hard. So let's do it again. And also another warning inside the mouth, upper teeth, lower teeth are touching or not, should not be touching, should not be touching. If it's touching, it creates some tension, which is not good, not good so that causes TMJ to pain or unnecessary tension.

I want you to have tension only here. Not anywhere else inside the mouth, even inside the mouth, upper lip, upper teeth, lower teeth, should not be touching. It's very, very, very, very, very tiny, tiny, tiny gap in between. So let's do it again. This time. I'm going to use a finger to prevent wrinkles. This is recommended. If you're, if you have a concern about this one personally, I don't, I don't. Um, so I use to like this, but it's up to you. So let's do 10 seconds. Hmm, Hmm, Hmm. Hmm. It is not possible to increase the fat or skin, but it's possible to increase muscle mass. That's what we are doing. Next, let's work on the lower lip. So to be honest, it’s impossible. I don't know any way to make the lower lip thinner. If it's like this, this is natural. If it’s natural like this, I don't have any solution. And don't think about it. You just focus on the upper lip. But if your lip is like this hanging, Oh, and then I have some solution. If it's like this and then very fuller, lower lip, then probably, your mouth is slightly open all the time, which is not good. Um, also maybe the tongue is laying on that lower chin, which is not good either. So let's talk about the good face posture.

Upper Lip, lower lip should be slightly, slightly, um, gently, not slightly gently touching each other, close your mouth, and then corners of the mouth just a little bit up or almost flat. And then that this is upper teeth. This is your throat. Then this is your tongue. So tongue should be not down, but touching on the upper palate, sucking up, this is the ideal thing, ideal face posture. And if you achieve these things, it's easier to close your mouth and put like instead of like this, then in. Also, a very important thing is body posture. You might be doing like sticking out your posture, your default posture as if it's like this, the chin is sticking out. Um, your lip is sticking out. Like everything is sticking up. No, no, no, no, no, no. So put your head on top of your spine and your butt when you're standing, when you're sitting. So think about that and not like this, but always in, and then tuck your chin a little bit in so that it's easier to keep close your mouth and also makeup tip.

This is not a muscle exercise kind of thing. Back when I do lipstick something like this, try to do other more upper and then lower should be very, very little like I do like half very little or could be light all the way, but try to emphasize the upper one because that's what you want to have more attention to. As always check out my website, to free download this yoga paper book and the sugar oil. And also if you have any trouble with our app, please email us at because we can fix it. And I don't want you to feel frustrated or something even after you, you paid for that subscription. I want you to try the exercises. So please, please, please do email us and any face related or any questions, please ask our AI Koko because AI Koko is getting very smarter it's machine learning. So the more question we get that AI, the smarter the AI Koko becomes. And then if the robot cannot answer, I will answer or my colleague answer. So please ask any questions on our website to meet our AI Koko, thank you so much. See you in the next video, bye
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