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How To Move Facial Muscles Properly For Speaking | Look Beautiful And Good For Anti-Aging

let's relax this muscle and stretch with this one, this was the one I did in my previous episode. Same thing. No same thing. It's a little bit similar, but not the same. So you do like this. If you can not do this one cannot touch it. It's okay. You know, you can do like like this. It's just like that. But I, as I can do this, this is more effective. So do this cross thing, and then look up, but if I'm just looking up, I'm training, I'm stretching here. I want to do here more inside, not here, but here. So look up 45 degree, but a little bit up then stretch one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. You feel this part is stretched and then, then come back.

You can do this exercise three to five times per day. But if you have an asymmetrical problem like me do that saggy one, stretch the saggy part more than the other side to make it more symmetrical. So assuming you did this exercise, let's do this, um, fist, make a fist and then like this and then like, hold it like this then up. So that you are, you're holding it, holding your chin so that it doesn't move. It moves as little as possible. And then let's do the same thing. Say this face yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance. We wake up, sleeping muscle in the face, to lift up the skin and relax overworking muscle for wrinkle reduction, AKA natural alternative to Botox or plastic surgery. See, is it easier to do? This is not an easy fix. I mean, face yoga in general, nothing is an easy fix. So this takes time. But I really feel that we should not show lower teeth when we talk. And I'm still, I'm still showing. So I need training more. But the most important thing is being aware of it. Because when you are talking to someone, you can not do this, right. It would be so weird. Um, you talk when you talk, so you, don't have time to do this and you cannot do this in public. Cause it's weird. So when you talk to someone, just really think about this muscle and forget about this. This part is dead. It's like doesn't exist. Don't think about it. And then just use this area.

Then you might think that, Oh, I look, I look like a smiling all the time. So I would look weird. No, no, no, no, no. It's not that you do not look weird. So don't worry about it. Um, yeah. I get the same questions from many people. If I keep smiling and talking, I'm always smiling. It's so weird. It's not, it's not as weird as you think. Cause I've seen many people. I guarantee that and you look them up positive. So it's okay. Like I'm really right now conscious about not showing lower teeth and I'm talking to you, but I don't look too weird. Right? I'm a little bit tiny smile because you are making tiny smiles only from here not here, this eye is not eyes, are not smiling and the cheeks are not too much moving. Um, yeah. So I do not look like smiling and talking at the same time.

I don't think it just looks more positive. Right. So it's okay. It's really okay. Trust me, please. Let me know what you think. And if you have any suggestion about not, how to not show lower teeth, please let me know because I'm going to experiment. Always as always check my website, to free download this latest yoga paper and the book and the sugar oil and other face products available on our website, AI Koko is available. So ask me any questions. If the robot cannot answer, I will answer. So in the app, if you have any trouble with that app, please feel free to, I mean, do email us because I would like you to be happy with the product that we provide. So don't, don't hesitate, just email us and we will make sure that we're going to fix it. Thank you so much.

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