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How To Reduce Cheek Fat | Don't Do If You Want To Gain More Fat

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about how to reduce cheek fat. In my case I want to have more cheek fat so I don't do this but there's some good exercise that you can do if you are only concerned about cheek fat and this in general I think fat in the face is really we call it evidence of youth that's what I learned in Japan after some exercise course so you don't want to lose it because if you lose it like this and then you look older and the fat is a free pillar as well so personally I want to have more fat so don't do this but if you're concerned about if you want to lose weight in the fat in the in the cheek area stay tuned.

Did you know that there is a cellulite in the face in addition to body we know orange-peel cellulite on the body area especially like a fat or a thigh or their areas and it's not that this boy it's very very tiny and you know person you orange built in dust on the skin surface but something similar is happening to the face so today we're gonna really squeeze what's the one vacuum we call cellulite vacuum. Vacuum the cellulite in the cheek area from inside inside of the mouth.

There are two versions basic versions and advanced version so let’s do the the basic version first first relax your face and then as much as possible like a squeezing vacuuming the fat in the cheek area… I feel fatigued because I'm squeezing, vacuuming so much. My recommendation is three to five times per day each time is 10 seconds only because if you overdo you might see some like too skinny or something I don't want to do that but moderation is a key so five times that's maximum per day.

Now let's do another one, advanced version so the same thing squeezed vacuum keep vacuuming and then slightly move to the side and the other side and let's do three times but do slowly slower the better it breaks because if you do too fast you're gonna lose the fat you're gonna stop doing thus the vacuum you think keep vacuuming and then move that's the hardest part so let's do it…

First relax and then… even you’re here to this side try to keep shocking here which is the hardest part it's easy to have here but in addition keep sucking keep vacuuming both sides that's the hardest part, so let’s do it… Last one… so when it's moving, keep sucking both at the same time which is hard that’s why it’s a good training, but again when you’re not concerned about face fat or cheek fat you don't have to do this and you should not do this I don't personally do this but I got some comments that they wanna who are wanting some exercise for reducing the fat so if you're concerned about it try it!

If you're interested other exercises check my website Koko face to free download the yoga paper, book and the sugar oil and updates is available as well! Stay tuned! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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