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How To Reduce/Prevent Nasolabial Fold (Smile Lines, Laugh Lines)

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about nasolabial lines. Nasolabial lines aka smile line or a laugh line they're very common concern for so many people and actually it's easy to fix and I've done this kind of video before but I wanted to do it again because I'm up to date and also because now I'm under quarantine and you may be as well everyone is so stressed Oh wanting to do something positive and create some fun because YouTube is a cool thing you can do watch from home and yeah so let's do it.

Before we go to the exercise let me talk about why this happens two main reasons commonly the one of the things is that this is like we do that a lot of facial expression because we smile or talk or eat or something and then the muscle especially here become tense, muscle tension so we need to break down the muscle tension and occluding about this area so you can do from inside out, inside out so massage is just those things is great but now because viruses and you're not encouraged to touch your face easily unless you wash your face and you wash your hands right so it's not easy but this exercise it's like a facial massage and basically you use your tongue, top of the tongue yeah massage this area from inside out so you know in then you can break down the muscle tension which is the big course of nasolabial line.

Another reason that this happens with age, not necessary that the cheeks cheek muscle start sagging we call it cheek bone meltdown with osteoporosis and gravy and no using muscle because this is originally sleeping muscle start sagging sagging sagging sagging and then what happens because it's sagging you get more lines here if you have blood pull out chick fluff sleeping cheeks and it's especially that then you get more lines so two things we're gonna do today, one is break down the muscle tension from inside out by using it up tip of the tongue, next one is cheek bone cheek lift it's not bone but the muscles around the cheeks we're gonna lift up the cheek so that you will reduce the nasolabial line.

One thing I want to warn or kind of alert is that some people are not smiling enough and because sometimes they say I don't want to cause this laugh line… that's not a good idea because if you don't smile you know you're not gonna use this muscle so it's important to keep smiling and laughing and do your laughter the better you just need to use this muscle yeah then you have more fuller, higher good cheek bone and cheeks and then you know you are gonna see more nasolabial line.

Anyway let's do the tongue exercise so stick your tongue so use your tongue tip of the tongue is touching here and then making one two three four five in the reverse one two three four five one two three four five reverse that's it how easy is that so let me do that again with my tongue.

Do you see that it's moving here… some are warning I don't want to move here mm-hmm I want to do here no here no here here here no here no here not here but here only the top because that's the beginning of that nasolabial line so if you don't know where it is check your mirror or your phone on the selfie mode and check where the the nasolabial line coming from and I get lots of questions what about this area it's still lying happening on my case don't worry about it just focus on here you don't want to stretch here because stretch skin show us wrinkle when you close your mouth so just what are sets here here only not here not here so even if you have a deep one this is a deeper spot so top hole target that area and then another question I've been teaching long enough to get many remember many question n so another common question what about I have on lines here not here but here that's fine I mean in general I don't think this line makes you look older but if you're concerned that means you are smiling too, I'm gonna exaggerate but you are smiling like this instead of… see the difference? I'm exaggerating but like that you're pulling, this muscles being pulled stop to the side when you smile instead of using this one so that's another thing so I would say you try to smile to more up instead to the side, that’s one thing and there is a solutions or tips and the exercise that you can do but that would be too long so I'm not going to go there maybe next time, let me know if you have any requests yeah to find the solution but anyway yes so use the tongue tip of the tongue then….

Remember another common question, I cannot make circle… don't worry don't make circle you don't have to circle is better but if you cannot go just massage beep-beep-beep-beep-beep just we go that's it.

This exercise is really easy and some people might be really quick result even just doing one time if you have deep line here so please try and check before after because you might see the result.

Then let's talk about the next exercise, cheek squat so um you know cheek squat with some one of the participants of my session she named it I thought we saw it so really cool idea to call it call it cheek squat or squat cheek, cheek squat, it’s same as butt when you do the back if you want to lift up your butt you're gonna do squat right and then squat same thing lift up and down and and and other same thing so in your case keep it keep the cheeks up and then hold it. So let's do it again so let’s relax okay then show me upper teeth , feel the cheeks up and tuck the lower inside and then try to close your mouth so I learned yesterday we were teaching yesterday and then one of the participants, it was hard for it was very hard for her to do this exercise and then realize because maybe she was doing like okay she couldn't hide your lower teeth because I always say don't show me lower teeth right? You don't know the reason check out their other videos. I'm no big fair number lower teeth because so many it anti-hazing reason and shake it up but she couldn't do it she couldn't hide it then you realize okay then what about just smile and then put the upper teeth on top of lower teeth and close your mouth but still keep smiling I think that's easier for so many people so that you don't have to show lower teeth and you can really use this cheek muscle and relax to muscle or to lower face muscle which is important.

So let's do that again.. show upper teeth at least 8 or 10 or even 12 they curl up okay and then tack larger over or if that is too difficult do not you don't have to tack it just close your mouth and smile…before yesterday I would just I was teaching and I was doing I open but that's a little bit difficult so I think it's better to close your mouth but still smile, like this, then feel the cheek muscle and show and upper teeth and then then one two three four five six but if you can you tuck your lip but if you cannot that's okay.

Even just one time I feel it. Same as butt squat this is a cheek squat so used to feel some kind of sensation after you release it otherwise it is not effective, you're not doing strong enough so when you do when you're holding something like that when you ah that happens all the lactic acids is moving around the body, the same thing should happen when you release it, you should feel like huh things just happen but for real like I'm really trying to use cheeks so when I release it I feel tired even now I'm talking to you and I'm trying not to show my lower teeth when I'm talking so I'm really using a lot of cheek muscle so after I filmed it I always get cheeks are tired my cheeks are really tired but that's a good sign because that means I'm using a chick muscle.

So two things one is a massage thing by using your tongue which is my favorite because it's super discreet and you can do whatever you like people what people are not gonna notice it and other thing is a cheek squat exercise and there are some more like an outer cheek middle cheek and they're many but those are more advanced at the basics step one is this cheeks one it's a basic one I honestly I do everyday still no because of really big fan of big fan of cheek, high cheek, fuller cheek.

Another tip bonus, I got this so that I can use my finger into my client mouth sometimes but now I'm using this is not when I go outside because of corona virus anyway, use your finger yeah sandwich - there’s a skinny part and a fat skinny and a fat see the difference skinny and the fat so you put put the thumb into the fat area…. same thing same circle but try to hold it and they move only the thumb move only that inside so that it's more we are breaking that literally directly breaking down the muscle tension from inside out so this is the same thing as a time but if you don't understand or if you cannot use tongue easily and then then use this this one first to massage the area to make it more soft and elastic and then use the tongue and it might be easier for you of course you gotta do both side, one morning when you do this you don't know you don't wanna stretch like this you don't open the up mouth should be closed some back massage you that's only a dentist, only for medical reasons no for beauty for beauty you never know no no no.

I hope this exercise will help you enjoy your quarantine time or even if you not quarantine, you might be having challenge because of the world challenging situation so hope you yeah I hope you this help you feel more relaxed and enjoyable these days and anyway check my website don't forget to check my website Koko face yoga .com and free download this yoga paper and the book and sugar oil is available and our website in Amazon as well and what else app is available we actually add a new cool feature that every time you show lower teeth you have some food mark and that's exciting and other content, face yoga 101 is coming up soon so stay tuned. Thank you so much!Stay safe be positive and keep smiling because we need to develop more mouth or cheek muscle right? okay Thank you Bye!
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