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How To Relax 11th Muscles Between Eyebrows Especially While Sleeping Reduce Tension From The Face

You have lots of attention here. So move it out, move it from inside to out. It's signaling the brain that you're supposed to move the tension from inside out.[inaudible]

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how to prevent this 11th line, especially when you are sleeping, when you are awake, you can kind of control control it, right? To some extent, because you can see it. You can put a lot of mirrors around you, or when you do skincare, you can do break down the muscle tension by doing this shiatsu technique, both sides to break down the muscle tension. Rocks And also when, when you think you're doing it and then just beep touch it or knock, knock, knock just, just touching, just one beep and then brain. It's not like a signal signaling the brain that you are not supposed to overwork, relax. This is just touching it. Yeah, of course. You have to wash your hands. And then kind of that if the environment allows you are at home and then you can just beep, or, knock knock knock knock but the harder part is when you're sleeping, because you're unconscious, you cannot control it. So let me introduce three tips that you could try right before you fall asleep.

Number one, meditation, And I like doing the kind of face meditation in bed when I'm lying down in the bed, but totally up to you. But I like doing it when I'm like really right before I sleep. So in my previous video, I did face meditation. If you haven't checked that, please do because it's very, very good to relax the facial muscles cause of relaxing facial muscle is harder than working up sleeping muscles to lift up the skin. So relaxing is so, so, so hard. And if you, right before you sleep, you have lots of tension in the brain and the, in the face, of course, you're going to get lots of wrinkles including this one, which you don't want to have that. So, super important to try to relax by meditation.

Number two, stroking like this from inside out. And you're supposed to do this in bed, not when you're awake, but in bed right before you sleep, just stroking and doing this motion, telling the brain, signaling the brain that you're supposed to move the tension from inside out. So touching really helps you don't want to cause a lot of tension. So not like not like this, but gently gently from inside out.

Number three ,This is my favorite. So if you have tension around this area, if you cause this one, you have the tension in here too. Not just between the eyebrows, but also the inner corners of the eye have a lot of tension here. How do were move it? You can try to, um, reduce it from like this slowly, gently stroke. But my favorite is, the, um, move the eyeball from inside, out, inside out. And this is so hard for me too, I keep trying every night, but it's hard, but it really helps to reduce the tension, not just this one, but this, this area, this one. So the way we try to use it, do it. And at the beginning, it's so hard to feel what's going on. So I suggest you use a finger, wash your hands, and then assuming you wash your hands when you sleep. So put your fingers like this and then try to inside the finger. Um, I'm gonna let my fingers go so that you can see but inside. It's it's a little bit I'm exaggerating, but it's like a cross-view. It's a little bit like this eyeball is more inside. If you have lots of tension here, so move it out, move it from inside to inside. So the way you feel it, you put your finger and then try to have tension in the inner corners of the eye. And then slowly out in, out in out. If you have, if you move it in, out, in, out, if you have a finger here, you feel the movement, right? So I highly suggest you use a finger to, to use a finger, to feel the movement from inside, out at the beginning until you get, you get used to it. And then after you get used to it, you can just relax and close your eyes. And then, Oh, I have tension in here, so I have to move it from inside out. You can do it without a finger later.

Also another bonus tip. My clients told me that they sometimes wear tape here, like one, two cross, like cross here just could be like, uh, maybe not the regular tape but the medical grade tape, just wear it. And then just putting something can help relax the facial muscles personally, I haven't seen big results because I don't have that habit as much as other people in general. So, but if you have a very deep one and you, you might want to try the tape method because my client said, I heard maybe 10 people so far this year and they said it really works. So I think it's worth trying. Another tip. If you, if you think you' regrinding when you sleep, I'm relaxing this jaw muscle helps to. But, um, when you're asleep, it's hard to, it's not hard, but it's impossible to control that. So when you're awake, if you have a good face posture, upper teeth lower teeth should not be touching slight, slight, slight, very tiny gap between all the time that will reduce jaw tension.

And if you, that becomes your normal face posture, when your face is awake, and then it's easier not to grind when you're sleeping.I hope the tips help you sleep better tonight. As always, if you haven't download free download the yoga paper yet, please do so because it's available there, just visit and the book is available. The sugar oil is available and AI Koko is available for any questions. And the app, we have updated more like a 10 plus 13 or something, more new exercise. Basically, everything is almost everything is in the app. So please try it. If you haven't checked it out. We have a challenge with android, to be honest. And, uh, yeah, so we might temporarily temp as a temporary solution. We might pause it, not ready for sale on the Google play store for now, but we're working on it. So your patience would be appreciated. Anyway, thank you so much for watching and see you the next video
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