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How To Smile Beautiful

In this blog, I will share five tips for achieving a beautiful smile. Specifically, I will discuss the muscles that are beneficial and those that are not helpful when it comes to smiling.

1. Don’t show lower teeth

Avoid showing your lower teeth when you smile. This is because when you use the lower and metallic muscle, it can cause sagging in the face. Instead, try to smile with your upper teeth resting on top of your lower lip. This will not only make your smile look more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also prevent sagging. Remember, this tip applies to regular smiling and not to big laughs where it's okay to show your teeth more widely.

2 Mewing

Placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth behind the upper front teeth helps create tension in the cheeks and lift the upper jaw, resulting in a more beautiful smile with defined cheekbones. This technique also helps to prevent an overactive mentalis muscle and reduce the appearance of a gummy smile. By using the tongue to create tension in the upper jaw, the strain on the chin muscle can be reduced for a more relaxed appearance. Be sure to check our mewing 101 video for more information.

3. V smile

Let's discuss the V smile, also known as the E Smile or the boxy smile. While this smile may be popular among younger people, it is not ideal for everyone, especially if you have habits like grinding or TMJ pain. Overusing the mata muscle, also known as the Risorius and the Mentalis, can lead to these problems. Instead, you should focus on using the zygomatic major and minor muscles, which are responsible for lifting up the cheeks. You can activate these muscles by saying "Sue" and "F," respectively. Additionally, imagine lifting the temples slightly to enhance the beauty of your smile. Remember to avoid showing your lower teeth and to keep your chin relaxed for a perfect smile.

4. Relax nose muscle

Relax your nose muscle to prevent overacting and wrinkles. Place fingers on cheek muscle and slide down to relax nose muscle. Don't move the muscle that causes flaring of nostrils. Practice smiling without using the nose muscle, using only the cheek muscle. Prevent crow's feet by placing middle finger next to nostril and not flaring nostrils when smiling.

5. Smile including eyes

To have a natural smile, it's important to smile with your eyes and not just your mouth. This means slightly squinting your eyes, but not too much. If you're worried about wrinkles, you can do facial exercises or use eye cream to prevent them. When applying eye cream, use a "skin ironing" technique by tapping lightly with your fingers to avoid stretching the skin. It's difficult to remember all of these tips when you're smiling, but with practice, you can retrain your muscles to create a beautiful and natural smile.


To create a beautiful and natural smile, there are five key tips to keep in mind. First, avoid showing your lower teeth to prevent sagging in the face. Second, use the "mewing" technique of placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth to create tension in the cheeks and lift the upper jaw. Third, focus on using the zygomatic major and minor muscles for a "V smile" instead of overusing the mata and mentalis muscles. Fourth, relax your nose muscle to prevent wrinkles. Finally, smile with your eyes to create a natural smile. With practice, these tips can help retrain your muscles to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

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