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How to Stop Bunny & Gummy Smile

Bunny bunny, bunny, bunny bunny, smile down. And the other thing you might be doing is tissue.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how to stop, how to fix bunny smile and gummy smile. So bunny smile which is cute for bunnies, but not for human. And the gummy smile is showing the gum area when you smile. If you haven't watched my previous video about two major smiling muscle and the three overworking smiling muscle, please do so because it's important to know the difference. Assuming you have seen it. Let's move on. Three tips and exercises to, to stop the gummy smile and the bunny smile. The reason why we get bunny smile and gummy smile. This guy levator labii superioris alaeque nasi it's so long. Nasi muscle is acting up up up up overworking up. That's why we need to relax this guy.

Exercise number one, use a finger and then beebee, beebee, beebee down a little bit down then smile. But that smile what we did in my previous video, Z major and minor.So like this a little bit down, and then smile down, smile down, smile down, forget about all the other muscles and think about this F muscle and S muscle. So if you don't know what they are, you haven't watched my previous one. So please do so cause it's important. Those two are responsible, mainly responsible for smiling. And this has to be relaxed. So a little bit down then smile down, smile down. You might want to put this a little bit more, like not like this, more like next to the nose, and then smile down, smile down. Make sure that nostril are not becoming bigger. You want to keep it small. If, if you can keep it small, these guys are relaxed, so that's a good sign. So let's do it again like this smile down, smile down, smile down relax, keep relaxing the nasi muscle only two guys are lifting up.I often say you should show the upper teeth because that's beautiful when it's showing, but for the purpose of, practice and if you're concerned of the gummy smile or gum-bummy smile, bummy, bummy, bunny smile. Don't worry about too much about that middle of that middle of the teeth. You want to lift up the corners, both corners of the mouth, but don't worry too much about the. You don't want to try to show, lift up the middle of the upper teeth, because that's gonna lift up this guy. So you want to keep it relax. And only lift up the corner of the mouth. You might want to do like this down. And then the other one thumb on the Z major and minor F S muscle smiling muscle here. And then, so this one is down, but this one is up. So it's like opposite down and up.So remember that, and then smile down smile down, smile down, smile down, smile down make sure nostril not moving it's difficult. I'm still practicing cause my nostril become bigger when I smile, but it really should be relaxed.

Tip number two, stop squinting, stop squinting on the nose. I know it's hard to not to do it. If you have a habit like me, but when you do big smile, big smile or something, and you know that you're causing this touch it. Touching can relax the muscle immediately. I mean, depending on the condition, but in my case, if I feel like I'm doing the and I just touch it. And the other thing you might be doing is tissue. So when you blow your nose, you might be doing it. You might not see it because it's hiding and you don't really think about it, but I don't know how many times you use, you blow your nose, but you might, every time you blow your nose, you might be causing wrinkles. So be careful. And also sometimes you don't use tissue because you don't have tissue and then you might be doing. And then the bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny. So just be careful if you have to do, and then you might, you might be doing like this and then relax. And then like this.

Tip number three, yawning. So yawning is a big part of my Koko Face Yoga face posture series, which means moving the facial muscles properly for daily facial activities, including yawning. So when you yawn, I did video before so please watch that if you haven't watch it what but basically, you don't want to yawn like, like this, just relax. Same thing, same as the previous tip, but always. Cause I think everyone, not everyone, but all people yawn almost every day, I do every day. So when that happens, you might be doing like this and that. Of course that's gonna remember and muscle memory and it shows more wrinkles, and it's gonna worsen the bunny smile and gummy smile. So every time you yawn, I touch it, to relax. So those are three exercise and tip that you might want to try if you're concerned about bunny smile and gummy smile.

First one was put your finger next to the nose so that this nasi relax. And then if you like, you don't have to do the thumb part, but if you like, you put the thumb on the smiling muscle, then you don't, you don't have to do this posture. I'm just doing it for the purpose of demonstration. But this then nostril is the same shape you don't wanna, uh, you don't wanna do that. So I'm still practicing. It's hard. Cause my nostril try to act up and out. But yeah, so that was one. And then number two was stop squinting. Don't like this, like when you blow your nose or smile or something. And then the third one was yawning because lots of people tend to cause lots of, lots of tension when you yawn stop doing that. Let me know if this tip was any useful for you guys or other requests, please. I read all the comments. I cannot answer, but I do read all the comments and try to answer on the video instead. And as always, if you haven't checked my yoga paper, please do so it's free download on our website Book is available, sugar oil's available, and the app is available. We added the cool new features like reminders. Daily reminder, tracking system is being done soon. And personalized menu for your concern. It changes every single day. So it's really fun. Please try that. And yeah, I think that's it.

Thank you so much. See you the next video. Bye.
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