How To Treat Dominant Eye For Making Asymmetrical Eyes More Symmetrical | Muscles Knots, Fascia, Etc

How To Treat Dominant Eye For Making Asymmetrical Eyes More Symmetrical | Muscles Knots, Fascia, Etc

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to introduce how to treat your dominant eye so before we do that if you have not watched my previous video about how to identify, how to find out which one is dominant which is non dominant please check it out because it's important to know which one if you care about this method for eyes or beauty in general so please do but if you know all that you know, already know which one is your dominant and non-dominant keep watching.

In my case, my right side, I mean this is your your left side because you the screen is kind of right and left in the reverse but anyway this is right eye and this is dominant for my case in my case and yeah most of the time if you are right-handed it might be the right eye is dominant but it's not over the case so please check it out! Anyway so because this is right on dominant eye I can literally feel the tension and fatigue way more than this side. I'm always conscious about it I don't know why but I feel it it's like too many persons of the party is coming here and 80% is coming here about 10% in 90% or something like that it's way way way more than this non-dominant this dominant has more much fatigue because I keep using it and it's important to treat that dominant eye more than non-dominant eye, I think.

In many beauty treatment or something they do both eyes on equal amount but I think you should do more to relax than to reduce stress on the dominant eye because it's overworking yeah so I'm gonna explain three exercise, no exercise, a treatment that you can do to reduce the stress and fatigue here so you get more it's more symmetrical eyes and reduce aging symptoms on especially from dominant eye.

Number one, face shiatsu technique, let's call it eye shiatsu because not gonna do all the face, I love shiatsu technique. I do shiatsu technique almost every day I think because especially eye area I mean maybe just two eye area because I feel so much tension on in front of computer or something so let's use your joint this joint here, this is the index fingers and then actually yeah yeah actually you could do the thumb a finger second finger too but maybe I think this is easier yeah joint, second joint yeah second joint of the index finger and then here it's like here it's a little bit below the eyebrow there's a point you press hard a little bit yeah and then you should feel when you feel pain yeah the point trigger point that you feel pain is that muscle not which you need to read break it down because muscle not is kind of like blocking the blood circulation CTA loss less oxygen less nutrients so even if you have good food and good diet it does not it doesn't come to the skin because it's blocking them not muscle not is blocking so it's important to reduce the tension the aka muscle knot and did you find the place that you feel pain? it should be like it's very painful but I don't want to have the trigger point the muscle not in here because I want to have more beautiful eye because this one it's really painful.

One thing I would like you to be careful it when you do it do like this and cause the wrinkle like this don't do that and by pressing if you have to do like this cause and wrinkle use the other finger to prevent the wrinkle so that you don't cause wrinkle yeah and then just press it hard if it's easier for you you can look down to give more gravity so they presses more and if you are sitting at the desk you can put your elbow in that on the desk here so that it's more stable do not damage your eyebrow, oh not the eyebrow, the eyeball, because you shouldn't be touching just a cue point here and then 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 it's very very painful. You you might see some redness a little bit but it's very very super temporary so don't worry about it as long as it's you know really really doing big friction that's okay.

There's another second point that I usually do here lower eye here and there's a point that you might feel pain, not as pain as eyebrow but I like this a cue point as well so do the same thing press yeah press a little bit then same the same as the last time you can put the elbow on the table as well yeah this is feels really good too I feel less pain though but bull's eye good ten seconds so now, so if if you like you can do the same thing on this side but I'm not gonna do it because I want to fix this dominant eye which has 80% of the entire eye fatigue here.

Number 2, fascia release on the dominant eye. I mean so before that what is fascia? Fascia is a very thin like layer between muscle and the, number to release faster on the eyebrow area because eye is so connected we get lots of tension in here so some people might call it pinching but I start doing it it's really good so the fun, by the way fascia is a very very stable layer between them on the muscle and between the muscle in the skin and this fascia becomes very tense when the case this is having tension and fatigue and stress so when the fascia is not really elastic and then you don't get enough oxygen and nutrients and it's the same thing as muscle but fascia is a thing it is when it's really stiff, stiff, that hard, it's it's very what's the word it it doesn't really it doesn't do the work because it's all stiff so it's important to release the fascia from the muscle and by doing like this pinching here on the eyebrow, I feel pain here so pinched like this sandwich and then I don't want to do like this again cause wrinkle here don't do that so a little bit so pinch out to the front front and then a little bit out then 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, you can do like a little bit moving to this side never do this though because you're on opposed wrinkles always to the outside yeah and you should feel a little bit good to pain, it's a little bit yes but that's ok.

Number 3, this is trending every time I sleep I'm every time I go to bed I keep doing it because it's so fun which is um… what's the name muscle knot find the muscle knot on and then break it down so like use your finger to prevent wrinkle the same principle right and then it's around here to doing this recently because it's so fun to like slowly like this and now I immediately can’t find it because I've been doing almost every day before at the beginning I was it was so hard to find the knot but if there is a knot which most of which happens to a lot of people most of the people there is a really tiny tiny knot in here and then you can literally touch it and I hear the sound yeah it's really big no it's very very tiny it's not as big as this muscle knot but there is definitely and I'm so happy that I can easily find it but now I lost it I lost it it's so much it's hard to find. I lost that ah I don't know where it is no you have to kind of like wiggle to find it but when you find it you can definitely feel it, it's really very very tiny not but I was surprised that I have a knot in here because I didn't know anything about it but it's important to break down the knot because that not muscle not blocks the oxygen and nutrient transfer to the skin and of course muscle not create a bumpy forehead and not smooth here that's not good that makes you look older and of course it creates asymmetrical eyebrow an asymmetrical eyes.

So those are three things you can do to treat your relaxed dominant eye face shiatsu here I mean eye shiatsu here and here and the pinching and muscle knot, break down the muscle knot, look there's another thing bonus tada so I was doing this actually in the past last night maybe it was like two hours I was wearing it. So this is an eye patch and you just you wear their eye patch to reduce to use dominant eye I'm sorry put that this eye patch on dominant eye so that you can you use this eye non-dominant eye only so it's time for like family gathering or Christmas sort of thing and it's cold outside so you might be, excuse me I’m getting cold ah my throat is a little bit not getting better anyway because you are in outside-inside more than in summer so you might be watching TV, Netflix, Hulu all those things and when you do try this and if you don't have this you can Amazon this but if you don't have this you can do bounded or something I'm so sorry ah it's getting better not getting better you know just be careful to not the tape part should not be touching not be touching the eyebrow right now it's touching so it's not good because I don't want to lose eyebrow but anyway just generally put it here to relax the dominant eye so that you use more non-dominant eye and after a couple of hours you take it out oh my gosh it's a big difference in terms of eyesight you can really clearly yeah I don't know how to explain but seriously you have to try it if you're concerned about asymmetrical asymmetrical eye, it makes you, I mean like literally big difference I was surprised if it's just 5 minutes, 10 minutes you might have secured the result but if you do on a couple hours yeah I guarantee that you will see a big difference in the eyesight and like you make it a habit, I think it's good.

As always please visit my website koko face to free download the yoga paper sugar oil book and everything is there and also if you're a very nice person please sign up at my, for my face yoga class January 4th that yoga Expo because, it's a free registration free signup so please try because the person that instructor who has the biggest number of the sign up we'll move to the biggest room to teach and that's my dream I want to make it come true because I want to introduce the greatness of face yoga to as many as people. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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