How To Yawn Properly For Reducing Tension In The Chin And Lifting Up The Skin

How To Yawn Properly For Reducing Tension In The Chin And Lifting Up The Skin

The more, you are doing the same expression over and over that remembers as muscle memory.[inaudible]

Hi Everyone, today, I'm going to talk about how yoga correctly for anti-aging because the more you're in a regular facial, uh, facial movement, the worst for the face. There are three tips that I'm going to explain. But before that, let me explain why regular yawn is bad. I mean, I think the more you do, the more you yawn, you do the bad for the face if you're not doing correctly. Um, but anyway, the reason why mainly two things, one is wrinkles. When you know that crow's feet, the eye wrinkles, wrinkle another one. Then the horizontal one on the nose and the vertical one, this one, this one, or so many wrinkles happens around the eye area. So we need to stop that because imagine how many times you are yawning, I don't know how many times, but every time I do gym workout. I love my workout. I love my gym class, but I yawn so many times I don't really do when I'm working or doing other things. But somehow I yawn a lot on zoom. So, and I'm concerned because the more you do the more wrinkle here, that's one thing.

The other reason is that when you yawn, usually people do all the big men. Aw, the less you use your chin, the better, the more you use your chin, the bad because it's striking down, this is the overworking muscle. You don't want to really use it. You think you want to think that, imagine that this part is, does not exist, even though it does, because you don't want to use it. The more you overwork working the muscle now [inaudible], and then everything it's really dumb. Soit's not good. So let's do that. Let me explain the three tips. Number one, this is kind of the most difficult one, but I think it's very important is when you, every time I yawn, I do this instead of like this and hiding my mouth, do like this.I'm trying to relax the nose because I have a bad habit to my nose. This area is up, up, up, and I see this wrinkle and then this wrinkle and the, my nose is up. So this is my bad habit. So I'm very time I yawn, I relaxed like this. So if I'm doing something too, at the same time, I stop it. And then only like this, cause I want to, I want to really reduce the wrinkle, then relax it. But this is my case. You might need to do like this or this, um, this to prevent the crow's feet instead of nose one, I know it's hard to do it, but please try it because the less you wrinkle prevent the better, of course, the more you're doing the same expression over in the work that we members as muscle memory that you need to stop it.

Number two, every time you yawn down, then doing the overworking muscle down, move up. So number one is this right in my case. And then now I'm doing that. Yeah, it is so very, very strange, strange everything. It's so strange. But imagine that this unit, we really need to relax in this area. So instead of using the force is down, lift up the cheeksThree. This is important if you're concerned about asymmetrical face. So when you have an asymmetrical chin, especially like I do, um, if you do like all a little bit good side, right? And then if you have an asymmetrical chin, when you are unconscious, this gets worse, worse, worse, the more asymmetrical it becomes if you have big because the yawning has a lot of a big force. It's not the light smile or the amount of the muscle you are using for yawning. It's so much, so much bigger than compared to other facial expression habits. So you do a, B a and then asymmetrical one is then the asymmetrical chin become a worse and worse and worse. So when you're young if you can when you're the first step in this second step is chin is up a mess or not a chin, but the third step moves a little bit slowly to the side, both sides. Or you can do try to do this side because of my case I'm, I've asymmetrically tilted this side. So try to fix it too. And then when you, when to make it more symmetrical, so you can do, uh, Oh, uh, okay. You can try both times because I think you might be your link so many times. So there are so many times that you can practice this method every single day.

I really believe in the importance of moving our facial muscles properly or correctly for daily facial activities, such as eating or drinking or yawning, smiling. So I did drinking and eating in our other episodes. So please check it out if you haven't watched it. Um, yeah, but every time from now on every time you yawn think about this three tips, the first one has prevented wrinkles, prevent wrinkles like this, or like this or this or this or this as much as you can to relax the facial muscles to reprogram reprogramming the facial muscles. Um, number two lifts up the cheeks is, is a hot, big difference, right? To reduce the tension in the chin and the move, the forces from the bottom up to build the more muscle here. This patient here, number three is a metric of the face. I mean, symmetrical face cause I'm sagging. I'm tilting. Makes sense. I hope you'll like it. Please try it. Let me know how it goes. And I would love to see your update. We just updated to the newest, um, latest version, this yoga paper. So please check it out, to free download a book and the sugar oil as well.

Thank you so much. The next video. Bye
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