Instant Face Lift By Stretching Neck Muscles | Fix Asymmetrical Saggy Cheek

Instant Face Lift By Stretching Neck Muscles | Fix Asymmetrical Saggy Cheek

Hi everyone, today I'm going to introduce quick, easy, stretch to offer you, what's the word instant face-lift. This technique applies, works for you if you are, the sagging is partially because of bad body posture. Basically we're gonna stretch this muscle because this becomes very what sort, if you have bad posture include me, like this or like this or something and this become not really stretched yet and it's really a shrink start tense, the muscle become harder and shorter and then it's like really this part is like pulling down like here then of course this area that cheek area becomes pulling down as well because this one and this one those really close together, make sense?

First, let's check your face and then see which one is more sagging and in which one is less up. In my case I feel like this part is more sagging so I'm gonna work on this muscle, so you guys know which one to work on? yep, so change your hair if you have long hair like me. Okay let's do it, so use a finger to hook on this collar coz you're gonna stretch here and then the other one is like this and then head straight first that's straight and then lift up this lorry tilt. When you do it if you're having bad posture like this it's not gonna be effective so put your head on your butt, put your head on your butt so not like this not this but yeah this head is place straight to down on your butt, yeah then like this like this, then lift up then stretch a hook on the color and then tilt like this then, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten George Junie juice and juicy judoka juices with your kinesia. Oh my God, actually, when I, maybe I stretched too much, ahmm, too long… I have a neck pain right now…

When I saw this technique from other chiropractor or person in Japan he was saying like 60 minutes, 60 minutes, one minute or 1/2 minutes each time but I quit like maybe I don't know like 30 seconds or something another half I'm having a big neck pain right now to be honest, so I don't recommend you to do longer than 10 seconds because I don't want to help, by the way this is just lipstick thing. I don't suggest you do longer than 10 seconds and then if you can do if you can do 10 seconds first and then if you think you can go long, longer than 10 seconds without any pain to longer up to one minute or one and a half minute but like me whatever I didn't do this long time then suddenly did it so my neck was not ready so I'm right now having a neck pain I cannot straight I cannot look, oh my gosh this is dangerous so don't do that don't do that suddenly one minute just start with ten seconds first.

Anyway I don't know I feel like I have this constant part is a little bit lifted, what do you think maybe worked may be it work the pain I don't know. I was gonna do both side because of this pain accident. I hope gonna, I'm gonna take a rest I'm gonna stop right here but for the exercise part because I cannot move my neck oh my gosh anyway.

Thank you very much for oh no it's really painful I don't know what happened maybe. I stretched too much maybe careful so.

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Oh by the way the co, the app just search koko face yoga. Thank you so much! Bye…
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