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Create Black Pink Jennie's cat eye

Hi everyone. Today, I would like to talk about how to create Jenny looking like eyes, cat eyes. When I saw this Melika's comments I got so excited because I wanna have Jenny looking eyes. And I wanna have the nice cat eyes and this Melika said it's working. So I got a current new tip to make it more effective, to do the exercise that I introduced to before from my client. Thank you so much. So we got inspired. So let me today, let's do the new way latest version of the cat-eye exercise. The key for this exercise is to activate malaris muscle, which is here side of the big orbicularis oculi eye muscle.

This one, this is what we are trying to lift up. Step one, use your finger, put your finger on like this, put on the malaris, If you haven't watched the malaris video, please check it out because it's interesting. And it's important to know where it is, but it's around here. So you wanna put it like this to feel it in the other hand to stabilize it, it's like this. And when you do that, you people get to do like, like this. So don't wanna do that. Head is straight and if you have to do this, because of this hand, you don't do it. This is fine. This is more stable. I like it. But yeah, you don't necessarily have to do that. So I'm gonna do this and then head straight, check your mirror if you can. And then step one is try to lift up, up, up, up, and see my hand, my fingers are up, up, up, up moving just to kickstart the moving, but inside the skin inside my head.

The malaris muscle is trying to like mini very, very tiny mini, mini-movement mini squat. Mini lift up because it's a tiny muscle trying, it trying you don't, you don't feel it? Probably, yet but it's okay. This is just a kickstart. Yep. And then this is the new part. This is a fun part. When you do it, I would like you to look this part, this finger, and then you feel this malaris more like this look. And then people tend to look like this one you don't wanna do them. Don't do that. But relax keep relax the forehead. And then look 45 degree not 40, not 45, 90 degree to the side and look at this finger. And then step one is lift up fingers up. But malaris is trying to lift up as well. Two things at the same time.

So busy head straight, and then look 90 degree and then one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten like this because malaris is connected to the kind of part of the eye muscle lower eyelids moves, but that's okay because that's okay cause it's connected, but the focus is here. Again the new part it's looking 90 degree to the side. Let's check if you wanna if you feel difference or not. So look at straight and then do the same thing one, two, three, four, five or look 90 degree and do the same thing. Look, lift up one, two, three, four, five. Which one do you think feel more? Which one do you feel malaris? The second one right? That's why I like this exercise to feel up, up, up more and then not front but look at this, this side.

Now let's move on to step two. This is the most important, more important part because step one was to kickstart the wake up, wake up malaris , wake up malaris kind of thing. So step two is literally only malaris, not fingers. I mean, we're gonna put finger to feel the movement, but really this time focus on malaris to wake up malaris up, up, up thing without finger movement, finger might move a little bit because malaris is moving and your fingers on it. So let's do it and instead of looking straight, look to the side and then, um, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

And of course, we have to do the sides because we wanna have symmetrical eyes. Let's do the other side. So same thing, no like this head straight and malaris here. So you wanna put the fingers here on the malaris and then first step one is to kickstart up, up, up but you wanna look, um, 90 degree, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. And the step two is keep looking to the side 90 degree but only malaris without finger movement, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. That's it but If you keep doing it on a regular basis, ideally every single day, step one 10 times step two without the finger movement another 10 times. So this is and then 20 times in per one side and another 20 times per one side. So 40 rep in total for both eyes per um, and then just that's it per one day, every single day you do it 40, 40 reps per day, every single day.

You will, you might feel, you might find not just feel it but visually see difference. Again, like Melika did, um, yeah, I really would like to see the difference. So I'm gonna keep doing it and doing more. I mean, I do it time to time, but I should do more. So I'm gonna, I promise to you guys that I'm gonna do more hope you will see better before, after on my cat-eyes. As always, if you're interested in other exercises, check my face yoga App available on Ipad too but Apple and Android both of them. And if you're interested in teaching my method to other people to spread the greatness of face yoga check my website to learn about certification course. And if you're interested in watching all the summary of essential exercises, check my prime video, Amazon prime video just search face yoga 101, and also don't forget, we're doing Face Olympics. It's very exciting It's gonna be online. So even if the tok even if Tokyo decided not to do it, we gonna do it because we're safe and it's online. Stay tuned, It's gonna be in June end of July I think we'll let you guys know. But anyway, thank you so much see you in the next video.

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