koko face yoga challenge

koko face yoga challenge

hi guys today I'm going to do three Momo he's hired face yoga exercise so what is momma did you do you know what a moment is you might know the world Momo challenge and I heard that it was training last year in a couple months ago someone said that I look like Momo and I googled and I was so hard oh my god she looks like me oh I look like her so that's why I have a lot of makeup here to look like Momo today and introduce I'm gonna introduce three more more inspired face yoga exercises it's not exercising for her but Momo inspired exercise because she has some good features on the face too but first the biggest thing about her faces that eyes are so big but that's she has a lot of building lots of good muscle here so that when you open your eyes as big as possible

she doesn't have to depend on this forehead muscle she's not grand she doesn't have to lift up your eyebrows or yeah like this muscle she doesn't have to do it because she has a big good muscle here so let's do the exercise to build more orbicularis oculi muscle so that you don't have to lift up your girl or you don't have to pull the Rinku on forehead first use your finger and pinkies are on forehead no forehead eyebrows and then other fingers on forehead to freeze your not gonna cause wrinkle you know kind of lift up eyebrows and relax and open as big as possible like Momo and then slowly lower eyelid lift up almost close almost close but try not to move your eyebrows as little as possible do not move your eyebrows and then open but do not move the eyebrows do not move your eyebrows just use the eye muscle as big as possible and then slowly close almost close do not close but almost close go into your eyes try to lift up your eyebrows and do not use move your eyebrows and then slowly slowly slowly slowly open open but do not move your eyebrows last one and then slowly close almost close but not close slowly slowly squint lower eyelid lift up so by doing this we are using only this muscle and open and squint open and squint try to use our wake up lower eyelid Dow

and yeah this way you can reduce or prevent this forehead muscle because when you open your eyes the reason why you cause this wrinkle is that this avocado circular muscles up weak or sleeping it's getting weaker it gets weaker with age so we need to train this muscle so that when you open our eyes you don't have to use this forehead muscle or you don't have to lift up eyebrow so when the eyebrow muscles are moving very likely that you're gonna have this muscle because this forehead eyebrow so connected so I guess she has um maybe she does this exercise come back to she's got really corners of the mouth is so high like crazy high but it's a good thing with H the corner of the mouth starts sagging and we need to otherwise you look like this and grumpy face resting bitchface and it's not good right so let's do some good exercise to lift up the corners of the mouth first relax your face and then like all the white bone purpose Oh bang shag the corner living of the mouse on purpose

and then [Music] Goutham is so tiring but you should you can this time try it again you can use your finger to lift up to support the lift of the kumaras of the mouth again so let's do this [Music] who and keep this ten r-cube dispose ten seconds or even longer but the point is you should try to lift up the corners of the mouth as much as possible number three I think this is the one this is opposed signature approach that I look like mobile because I'm Asian and Momo is the Sun it sounds like Momo is Japanese right and I'm Japanese too and I have the same skin color and the same hair color and I have got the makeup here today so this is the one signature Graham mu more inspired face exercise stretch the face Oh like this so why do I do this we wanted Strix of face just once a day or twice a day because we cause wrinkles during the exercises exercises a little bit also we cause wrinkle by facial expressions in general every day right so once a day or twice a day just stretch the face so what I'm doing first all face oh and they look at something and then slowly only eyeballs up Oh without moving forehead without moving eyebrow and this is a bad example Oh your help is moving up no you keep the head only eyeballs up up up up up up up up up and stretch oh the facial muscle especially underneath the eye and then this stretch is more like an inner corner so oh by doing I used to feel more stretch here not in a more middle

and outer side so let's do it again that's it do not do like longer than 10 10 seconds a lot of exercise I say 10 seconds but this is exceptional because I don't want to have too stretchy skin especially the philtrum should not be stretched too long so maximum like 5 seconds or 6 seconds oh my Oh like this so how was it did I look like Momo I think especially when I do I think I look like

thank you very much for watching that Koko challenge not Momo challenge but the Coco challenge anyway I'm be sure to check my website to get this free download your paper and my book and sugar or thank you so much see you next video, bye!
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