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Koko Face Yoga Q&A | Ask Questions and I will answer for you

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to Q & A by checking your comments.

Can you make a video on how to keep your mouth closed and tongue on palate when asleep?

Yeah this is a great question I think the easiest way is not it is the easiest way is to master the perfect tongue posture when you are awake and if that becomes very natural when you even when you're sleeping and then you can do it so the first step is to master this all the time even when you're when you're not thinking about it so first you have to be aware of it when you awake and then when it becomes very very natural so you're doing it unconsciously when you are awake then you can do you can keep doing it when even when you're sleeping I think but I will keep studying and if I find out a new information I will of course let you guys know.

Next question, question for friend where's dent towards if they do yoga face exercise should they have them in is there any type of exercise they should avoid?

I don't think so because we don't really use this we don't know when the good face posture upper teeth, lower teeth should not be touching, the teeth contacting habit aka TCH is not allowed in my community so you're not supposed to do anything about the teeth so I don't think it matters and I don't think any exercise that use, is there any exercise that use teeth? I don't think so, yeah teeth just always a little bit there's a gap in between and yeah the tongue is up, the tip of the tongue should not be touched to the the upper teeth so I don't think that matters… yeah I don't think that matters that's the answer.

Number three, can you tell me if it's permanent?

No, the answer is no, same as body exercise even if you have like body builder or something really strong muscle and you look great but if you stop doing it you know you're gonna go back to the original shape right? Same as body, the same the same for the face you have to keep doing it, doing it on a regular basis but the good thing is that if you keep doing it and you kind of master and you kind of keep your you master to keep good face posture including tank washer then you don't really need as much as you used to, so the exercise that we'll be doing will be less and less and less the more you become better because the right muscle is created in a good position so it's easier for you to keep good face posture so I really think keeping face posture maybe I should do a video about it I did video about it so if you're interested just check face posture koko face yoga but it's so important once you master good face for sure all the time when your face is resting like I I do many I introduce many exercises but I don't I don't do everything I do just cup of them per day and yeah so the amount of the exercise you will be doing it's gonna be less if you master and if you keep good face posture.

Next question, after getting braces off when I was 15. After a while I could click both eyes out and back into place. The clicking then turned into grinding, it does doesn't click anymore. I'm gonna do some yeah cut back okay when it's in. Okay so I think this is teeth problem so highly recommend you to go back go to dentists to try to more have more symmetrical teeth, that's one thing but another thing that you could do is maybe the chewing chewing habit when you chew chew chew… and then so get that chewing gum chewing them and then eat it then after 3 minutes 1 minute or something which side has the chewing gum and then repeat this exercise multiple times and then you keep your gonna tell you're gonna find out which which side is more is more dominant the dominant one is maybe working more and then no no don't know no one is less working that creates asymmetrical face so you have two things you're gonna do first thing go back to go to dentist to try consult and try to have more symmetrical teeth that's one thing but the other thing I really would like you to is them try to have more symmetrical ashome symmetrical behavior like chewing the both thighs to using the both job when you chew at the same time because if you keep chewing chew chew chew chew of course you're gonna get asymmetrical face and I did a video about like 7 bad habits too great estimation face and body or something like that so please check it out as well.

Next question is she was concerned about a symmetrical face and yeah she went to dentist but no clue then she said I have literally slept on my jaw so far on the stiff pillow now that this is gonna end but still I have a facial damage and would like to have a okay so I was known until today I wasn't a brief brink of suicide but now I feel the strength and you're my only hope.

Well it's great that yes it's great that you're you're back here that's good thank you for coming back yes so it's major cover I know a lot of people are concerned about asymmetrical firsts including me and some people might be very very really depressed about it but actually the what you see in the mirror is not the same as what other people see so even though it might be really concerned by symmetrical face that's not really and bothering to other people that is that that bothers you way more than other people are bothered makes it so I just don't want you to be depressed too much about it and then and there's an always solution so yeah I talked about the teeth thing if the teeth thing is happening it's good go to dentists to consultation but also I did a video about yeah bad habits to cause asymmetrical face so please check it out really and yeah and also I personally because I have the but you see this dent chin it's not smooth because of that plastic surgery failure right as you may know so I'm concerned about my symmetrical face and I tried many things but to me the biggest biggest improvement since I started doing it is a back sleeping. I try to train myself to the back sleeping now if I'm sleeping a little bit a little bit like this a little bit like this could happen but it's very very like this no it's not happening like this it's not happening just very tilted might be happening but now because I trained because I use a special back sleeping pillow and I trained it for a few years and now like I noticed that I when I'm in hotel there was no pillow of mine but I was able to sleep like this maybe still take just a little bit just a little bit but not as like this as before so I think that is really helping it makes sense because bone is very very facial bone is softer than body bone because body bone is more stronger and more bigger right to move around facial movement is facial bones are softer so that means if you keep pressing like this pressing pressing pressing pressing is its same as breast braces you keep doing the same pressure and the bone structure changes right so yeah I think sleeping posture is very very important and I'm like you really would like you to try back sleeping if you're concerned about asymmetrical face and I know that there's some people who think who say claims that this side sleeping is better than back sleeping maybe it depends on the person to me this is the best. Back sleeping is the best and also if you are very very concerned not just doing the back sleeping but also there are some really good exercises that I introduced for specific areas to fix asymmetric copper's so please check it out like asymmetrical eyebrow asymmetrical asymmetrical corners of the mouth asymmetrical cheeks or something like that chain or I I think I've done a lot so please check my just search on my youtube channel.

Next question we found the mewing has made my eyes asymmetrical okay I don't think that's possible the mewing is really good for so many so many things in that I don't think that gives you more asymmetrical face unless that time is asymmetrical like me I have the problem too so we learned that you're, the back of the tongue should be really touching to this pallet no there this is a bad example because there's a gap so like this touching to the polite really sucking to the up that's most that's very very important right? but I noticed that I'm I'm having more sucking on this side than this side so that is an asymmetrical tongue posture which is not good when we need to fix that in so far the only way to fix this asymmetrical tongue is well the reason why I'm talking about them because though this problem is happening maybe you're doing mewing and you are doing an asymmetrical tongue posture that's why I'm saying so the the way to fix it is really try be try to suck the back over the tongue if it's the back of the tongue it's hard to be asymmetrical I think so this is yeah this is more item like this in my now I think it's more like like this like this it's more touching here than here in my case so I really need to be this is an education to myself but I really need to be really really try to touch the back of the tongue up in there not in the air to the polite and try to make it asymmetrical as possible that's one thing and I don't know other solution yet so please let me know if you have any other ideas because I need I need solution too but for this particular person thank you for your question by the way and yeah it really motivated me because I need to learn more - yeah I think mewing is not gonna, if you do correct mewing you're not gonna get asymmetrical face if you think you're have a symmetrical face your tongue is asymmetrical, tongue posture is asymmetrical so really try to make it straight make it too symmetrical and try to press the back of the tongue, that's a key!

I really appreciate your comments in the description, I really appreciate your like sharing comments and everything thank you so much and sorry that I was not able to answer but from now I think I'm gonna try to more answer with checking your comments so please keep asking questions and comment your feedback or a result before after kind of thing that would motivate me a lot thank you so much! So as always check my website koko face to free download the yoga paper, sugar oil, book, and app is available as well so please check it out! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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