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Koko Face Yoga's YouTube channel was banned for being too sexual!

As of the shooting of this video, I had not given up on the banned channel, but as of Jan 2024, I have given up on the original YouTube channel. So you don’t have to #BackKoko hashtag anymore. Instead, if you follow my new YouTube channel and Rumble, that’d be highly appreciated.

This is one of the most sad announcements from me, but our YouTube with 600,000 subscribers since 2010 got suddenly erased by Youtube on 14th Dec 2023. There was no alert, notice or anything. It suddenly got deleted…

YouTube says we violated their community guidelines. I have no idea what the violation is about, and YouTube doesn’t tell me the details. We have received so many messages and appreciate your concerns, but first of all, I am fine. Everything else we do is the same except the YouTube issue.

Our assumption about why it’s deleted:

  1. My tongue exposure is too sexual for YouTube. It is difficult to explain about Mewing Tongue Posture® without showing the inside of the mouth, so naturally I show the inside of my mouth. But was that considered as inappropriate content? 
  2. Some facial exercises considered dangerous?
  3. Mewing is considered as dangerous?

Of course we appealed and asked many times, but YouTube doesn’t give me any specific reasons. I am not sure if any human manually reviewed our channel or not. YouTube says they see the channel as a whole, including comments, thumbnail, likes, dislikes, etc. Teaching about correct Tongue Posture® is my life passion and mission, so it's hard to teach without showing the tongue, but what can I do? I’m just a youtuber among so many in the world.

What happens from now on:

  1. New YouTube Channel: @KokoFaceYoga3
    The reason why @kokofaceyoga3 , not “2” is because @kokofaceyoga2 got terminated immediately we uploaded our classic Mewing 101 video on @KokoFaceYoga2.
  2. Rumble
    Rumble is designed for more free speech, so they should not delete our videos easily.

A lot of our old videos used to be on the banned YouTube are being posted on Rumble, so if you want to watch them, please go there. If you can follow both of them, I would highly appreciate it, because I don’t know if my 3rd YouTube channel gets banned again in the near future.

2023 was such a challenging period for me. In March, Koko Face Yoga app was banned by Apple due to the word “Face Yoga” trademark by an Estonian company who sells Face Yoga app.Their trademark is in cancellation pending status at that time it happened, so I believe it was a wrong decision by Apple, but our legal could not turn over the decision unfortunately. So we re-launched our app as KFY instead of Koko Face Yoga.Thankfully Android didn’t ban us, so our app is Koko Face Yoga on Android. And this happened in Dec 2023…

To be honest I am still depressed, because it is like my 13 y.o.daughter  that I have grown was suddenly killed. I am trying to recover, and need your help! To move forward with a positive attitude, if you can follow the 2 below, that’d be highly appreciated.

  1. Follow our new YouTube channel
  2. Follow our Rumble channel

Your support on the banned YouTube has brought me to Kim Kardashian, Shark Tank, America’s Got Talent. That means that your ongoing support will get me even higher reach to spread the importance of Face Yoga, Tongue Posture®, and Face Posture®! It is what it is. I try to think this as a car accident, something you couldn’t control. How you recover from the car accident is more important than thinking about the accident. In fact, in Jan 23, Netflix is launching “Open Wide”, Mewing Tongue Posture® documentary. This is very exciting for our community, and I’m sure there other exciting opportunities arise as we move on.

Things happen time to time in our lives, and by showing that I’m recovering and becoming even stronger, hopefully you are inspired to do the same if something like this happens to you.

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