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Lift Up Cheek Bones (Not Cheek Muscles, But Cheek Bones) DIRECTLY From Inside Of The Mouth

Cheekbone directly here, not here or here.


Hi Everyone, today I'm going to talk about how to lift up your cheekbones not the muscle around the cheekbones but the real cheekbones directly with age and gravity facial bones including body bones and steps everything kind of stuff siding including this cheekbone areas then I learned something new so use your finger put on palate try to expand the palette for mewing and I don't know that if it's a sea of this because that's not what Dr. Mew was talking about that someone else was talking about it but then so my follower Johnny thank you so much for emailing me about this then I realized instead I don't know about her palate expanding thing with the finger to make mooing more easier mooing if you don't know what it is it's a time for Earth Day but anyway I'm talking about cheekbone then I realize that inspired me to do instead of a putting your thumb on the parrot what about chicken directly before I got this idea I was doing this and I still do to lift up the cheekbones so the way you do is a hook and then up so hook into the cheekbone and then up yeah so this is what I do to list up my cheekbone but in addition to this if you turn to wash your hands or shower when you're taking shower or bath or something you could put the finger inside this what sort here no yeah here aha yeah you feel all right, in particular, yeah okay.

I suggest you do at the beginning one part one time not two at the same time because it's a little bit tricky one thing and then feel the tip on here then little bit ah and one cool three oh holy hum hey this is directly tithing not super directly but really put without the skin without the fat you are kind of real real touching that cheekbone so I think it's more effective to lift up the cheekbone not the muscle but the cheekbone itself so let's do the other side yeah feel the cheek one here then on 3:09 warning don't do two long hours too many times because it directly to the bone and this is good for people who are very very concerned about that having no cheek and then cheek bone aka cheek bone meltdown it's happening to you and then this might be really great idea to lift up the cheekbone not the muscle but the cheek bone also if you have a longer sharp nail be careful don't do that you need to cut the nail first but it doesn't it does not get damaged the inside the mouse and also we do you don't wanna stretch like this you don't wanna stretch the skin around the mouth so try to handle close it close it Roza octopus duck one two three four five after you get used to you can use two at the same time interesting.

I feel like this one is more like out and this one is more in that if you feel it symmetrical pert and then you do that you yeah I feel like this is more sagging and more out so you do that asymmetrical one more to lift out and if you can you could try to bring it in and out in and out so feel like this is it's touching to hear yeah personally this is not so practical exercise that you can do anytime anywhere that's not easily because you have to wash your hands in public right so I like doing this still I still do but if you want to go to the next level if you want to do something different this can be a great exercise so first wash your hands or do it in the shower or bath please let me know if you like this exercise if you see any good result or not I'd like to know any of course as all always this actually we are eating this paper so I will update you soon but them yeah it's gonna be updates and if you are get this paper always check Coco facility no no this yoga paper booth in the sugar oil thank you so much. See you in the next video bye.
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