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Lift up Cheeks

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how to lift up our cheeks. I've done multiple videos about cheek lift up but this is a latest.

Step one, oh and then ah, you don't have to say oh, ah I'm just saying for demonstration purpose. But oh, ah, show upper teeth at least eight and in the past, I was not able to show 10, but now I can one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, fifth one is showing because I keep doing it. So, and then, ah, then cheeks up, cheeks up, feel the cheeks, uh, cheek muscles are up and then tuck the lower lip inside.

Then if you, if you concerned about if you're causing wrinkle, crow's feet you wanna prevent it or, or and or if you're concerned the nostril become bigger, but when you say oh, ah, become bigger, you don't wanna do that. So use a finger to stop the movement oh, ah, make sure nostril are not keep it smaller. And then tuck the lower lip inside. Then last one, tongue is up, tongue is a fully touching on the palate. That's the most important thing. So let's do it again. oh, ah, show upper teeth at least eight. Nostril keep it small. It's up to you If you wanna do this or this or not doing this, I'm not doing this just for the demonstration purpose oh, ah, the cheeks are up then tuck the lower lip inside good inside. Then tongue is fully touching on the palate.

I'm tired. So it's like a body exercise. When you do the body exercise muscle, muscle, muscle, muscle lactic acid is accumulated and then when you released it. All the accumulated lactic acid is all over the body, right? So the same thing is happening when you do exercise oh, you should feel some fatigue. You should feel some kind of burning sensation. Otherwise it's not effective. By the way, I get question that I get lots of filler or some lift up exercise because my cheeks are so full and high. But the answer, if you wanna know my plastic surgery history, check this video because I have no filler or anything going on here. Sometimes I move walking or working, working on computer or something like that. And I feel sometimes my cheeks are I feel like my face is down and I reset it. So I like doing this exercise, uh, maybe one or two or three times per day, depending on how concerning you are.

But the, the idea of face exercise is that you wanna reset your bad face posture gravity from gravity. So it's better to do little by little throughout a day. So if you do three exercise of this and then maybe you do one time, 7:00 AM, second time, 12 noon, and third time, 4:00 PM or something like that. Not three, three times at once. I mean, it's okay, but uh it's better to do slice up. The reason why I like this exercise and I really highly focused on cheek. The importance of cheek, cheeks is that three reasons. One, people pay attention to something big something big. People see something around here, they not gonna notice any tiny wrinkle or age spot or those tiny, tiny things. But this area is kind eye and cheek area. This is like a center of the face, right? So people pay attention automatically unconsciously.

And if you have higher fuller cheeks here, you automatically easily look younger and fresher and positive. And also if you're concerned about the hollow under the eye, the cheek, if you have higher cheeks, the cheek is gonna fill the hollow. So it's gonna be combined. If, uh, if you have like eye bag or hollow or something, it's gonna be into one piece here. So those, uh, those will be gone. And most importantly, when the cheeks are up, it's gonna, they gonna lift up everything up even like a jaw line or jawl or those unnecessary stuff is gonna be lifted up because this is a bigger relativity, bigger muscle for the face. Let's everyone do one more time last time for today. So first Oh, ah, upper teeth atleast eight cheeks are up and you use a finger to prevent the wrinkle or prevent the nostril become from become, becoming bigger and then tuck the lower lip inside. You use, you use a finger as needed and then tongue is up. I get tired so I like doing releasing the lactic acid by vibrating cheek vibration. If you interest in other exercises, check my face yoga app free, download free trial for three days. So try it now. Why not? And also I am, uh, doing a face yoga instructor certification course. So if you're interested in becoming face yoga instructor, check my website now. Thank you so much see on the next video bye.
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