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Lift Up Corners Of The Mouth Naturally #2 | Demonstrated At Shark Tank TV Show!

Hi everyone! In my previous video I did how to lift up the corners out of the mouth because it’s starts sagging with age which is normal aging symptom and this one exercise today there's another one I like to try so let's do it.

This exercise was loved by one of the Sharks when I did the shark tank appearance so you might have seen it I don't know but let's do it, so first relax… and when you do relax you don't have to do this hand motion I'm just doing just as a habit but you're not hosted by the way I'm wearing something kind of crazy but I'm trying very close to because now under quarantine everybody's at home and I do lots of YouTube or MTV or lots of appearance on the video conference and I have to have something nice on a person that’s why, I hope you liked it let me know you don't like it or you like it. Anyway, so first smile and of course do not show me lower teeth only upper teeth in at least eight upper teeth all the time, we feel it equal and then stick out your tongue… keep showing your upper teeth, eight least…. Do not move your chin as little as possible because you don't want to use that chin muscle you want to use this area because that's when the time is moving up and then when the tongue is swinging it's so hard to keep showing the upper teeth that's why this is a great training.

Like upper teeth… no… yeah… last one more… show the upper teeth… I don't know how many times I did. Usually I do three times, one two three it's so tiring but if you are feeling some fatigue that's great you are doing the job! If you're not being getting fatigue or difficulty probably you're hiding your upper teeth and you're showing lower teeth, never show lower teeth only upper teeth all the time so highly recommended to do this exercise in front of mirror otherwise you cannot see yourself, mirror is a good friend and of course in addition to this exercise keeping good faith posture by lifting up just a little bit the higher on columns of them up all the time when your face is resting that's very very important of as well.

If you're interested in other exercises check my website Koko face to free download, this yoga paper, book and sugar oil is available, app is available as well. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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