Lifting Up With Koko Hayashi

Lifting Up With Koko Hayashi

Today we're going to do a lifting up with Koko Hayashi and today's guest is Ruth.

She’s my friend. So Ruth, she's really a beautiful and attractive and young beautiful lady but we did just, just now. We did. What was that like Instagram. Like stream and ask around people. You guys what. She should walk on. What part what base areas. And it wasn't like a lower part. Yes. Yeah! Like is. Yeah. Mine is so funny. Like look at. Like. This is like if it's makeup. Yeah! The jaw area, cheek area, lower cheek and we would like to work on more cheek bone area. More firm. yeah! more firm, lift it up so that if you have cheekbones a little bit more up and then you feel that under the eye area. So that you won't have the depth supple or, Yeah!

So the first exercise is gonna be this area, cheek area. This is actually easy fix. So face yoga. I mean the face exercise work in general from outside. More big of muscle. This is big on muscle compared to the like of those tiny muscle inside. So if you do this on a daily basis, I promise you that you will see good result.

Okay so let's do it. First exercise is , what was it? Anti-bulldog face. Bulldog, those are really cute saggy cheeks. Those are really beautiful dogs but not cute for us. That's why I just call it anti-bulldog face.

Let me show you how everything is so like it.

Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. Do you feel like really tighten up here. That's good. Yeah.

Then one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Yeah.

So this is a really good exercise to train your facial muscles, cheek muscle and then stretching at the same time which is a key for elastic skin, elasticity training, stretching training stretching yourself stretching to the side and then Yeah. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep.

Yep. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten.

Wow! I feel it. Yeah I feel it right here. I'm still feeling it right now.

So you pause out next one was more like up under the eye. It's like a fat loss. If you, if your cheekbones a little bit more up and a little bit more here, some fuller, looks very different. Yeah. So I would like to work on cheekbone exercise and there are multiple cheekbone exercise but my favorite one.

Let's let's do that.

So let me show you how…

Let me explain. First of all… and then slowly all…..

show me upper teeth. 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 at least 8. Well at least 8. I'm trying to do Puerto Rico love. And then kick the right inside and you use your finger to put. Lift up the corner of the mouth or teeth like this. Yeah yeah yeah. And then take the lower inside and then use your finger then 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…

Like this.

Wow! Wow!

Well. Do you feel tired?

I do.

Well that's good. You feel that?

I can feel it right here.

If you feel tired, that's, that's means it's working, it's working. Yeah! If you don't feel get tired here you're not doing enough.

You're right. Yeah yeah.

We are literally working on this sleeping muscle to wake up.

Ok. So the last thing this is related to cheekbone exercise. But I would like to introduce one face full stroke tip. So do you know resting bitch face? Do you? No? Resting bitch face is like this causing a wrinkle here and then yeah looks bitch, we don't want to look like bitch. Right?So there it's. The exercise is very very important but if you are doing bad face posture or bad the face of facial expression all the time you know you're not gonna see good result in. Because she's really good friend of mine. I really would like you to see good result. Yes.

So I would like to introduce one Facebook strip tip, so when you're resting instead of not saying you're doing it but instead of it. Like this

Sagging to the corners of the mouth sagging right. Instead of that. Just a little bit up and tried to feel cheekbone is like a really lifted up just a little bit. To touch the cheekbon area and be more like a high here. Oh. Yeah. Touch it and feel like. Imagine that you are lifting up the corners of the mouth by lifting cheekbone.

Mmmm. Just a little, bit just a little bit.

And just it's just a little bit.

So when you're working on a computer when you are taking class or when you're driving or watching TV or something. I don't know. Whenever you have your resting your face is resting do just a little bit up corner, but not, not like really trying to lift up here, but lift up the corners of the mouth by lifting up the cheekbone.

Now I'm trying right now.

That's funny. I really can feel it. Yeah I actually tried but I guess I wasn't doing it right. No. You're telling me the correct way. Yeah.

Here. Yeah. It’s more like here in cheek muscles. I feel that when you're resting right you can feel it.

Yeah. That's good. OK.

So are you gonna do exercises?

Oh yes.

So I like keeping some promise or homework or something like that after the session because I really like to see good result.

So maybe after tonight I mean after this filming you drive right?


When you're driving when you're resting you can do this lift up cheekbone resting face.

Yes and maybe. And how….

Through. Actually, all the three exercises can be done when you're driving. Yes. And I hear that you go to school today. Right.

Oh yes. Yeah. And then a class. So basically I actually working on my second business. And I created some innovative set of sheets and oh and I'm working now.

Great. Yes. Check the link in the description below if you're interested in very very innovative idea about bed sheets products. Yeah. So when you go to school tonight make sure that when you are resting corners of the mouth. I mean cheekbone just a little bit up even from today.

Those good. So I guess when I do the exercises by myself I, I notice right now that I don't do it correctly because I'm not feeling the same results. So I guess yeah. Because she was watching my YouTube video before by herself. Yeah yeah. So I've been working on this but I guess right now I do feel something, but doing it with you right now it's or sizes I apply it then put attention so I guess and right now it just the exercises with it. I can feel right now. Right now, begin I can plug right here and I can feel that right seat right here which are the muscles that we target today, was sleeping, so it just woke up, they're very awake. Good. Good. Good.

That is it for today. Thank you very much for watching! Check out my Instagram, FB at Koko Hayashi and website, face yoga with and see you in the next video! Bye!
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