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Make Cheeks Fuller

Today's topic is about reducing facial width to achieve a slimmer appearance. I previously made a video demonstrating an acupressure point technique that can help achieve a slimmer face. However, if you're interested in achieving a fuller, more rounded appearance, check out my other video.

Firstly, it's important to understand why some people have a hollow looking face. There can be multiple reasons for this, such as being too skinny. In that case, the solution is to gain weight. Another reason could be having high cheekbones that stick out too much, creating a bumpy appearance. This can happen if the cheekbones are too high, making the face look uneven. On the other hand, if the cheekbones are too low, the face can look less defined.

1. Relax Chewing Muscle

To begin relaxing the four types of muscles used for chewing, start with the Masseter and temporalis muscles, as well as the lateral wing rib and medial pterygoid muscles (which can be hard to recall). Applying too much pressure may cause inflammation, so it's important to be gentle. If you have long nails, it's best to trim them before starting the massage. For the Masseter muscle, use a gentle massage technique with your fingers or gloves. To relax the temporalis muscle, place your fingers inside your mouth and follow your teeth while touching the hard spot, then slowly move upwards while massaging gently. This same technique can be used for the lateral wing rib muscle located outside the mouth, and the medial pterygoid muscle located inside the mouth. Be cautious not to damage the nerve and inhale and exhale during the massage. Remember to massage the muscles gently for only a short time, about a minute or so. Focus on both sides of the face to improve symmetry and avoid applying too much pressure.

2. Cheek Exercise

The goal is to prevent the cheeks from being too high or sticking out, which can cause issues like nasolabial and an unattractive hollow appearance. To perform this facial technique, start by placing your elbow on a table and resting your lower palm on the cheekbone at a 45-degree angle. Gently press inward towards the center of the skull while inhaling, and then exhale as you release the pressure. Repeat this five to ten times or more, adjusting for any asymmetry in your face. It's important to avoid pressing too hard or expecting instant results, as these issues may have developed over years of muscle movement. It's recommended to perform this exercise daily for best results. Note that a massage gun can be used, but be cautious and avoid using a tool that is too strong and may cause nerve damage.

3. Eat more

This tip is especially important for people who are naturally skinny. If you lose too much weight, you may end up with neck tension, saggy skin, and other negative effects. Therefore, try to eat more and maintain a healthy weight. This will help you avoid having a skinny face and looking older than your age.

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