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Make Face Slimmer

As we age, our face tends to gain weight due to an increase in body and facial fat, as well as heightened tension in certain areas. For instance, the Masseter area contains a strong muscle that becomes even more robust with stress and aging, leading to muscle bulk up and stiffness. Consequently, poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage occur, resulting in the accumulation of waste in the face, impeding its natural slimming effect. To counteract these effects, we can apply pressure to three key points, which will reduce tension and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in a slimmer and more youthful looking face.

1. Besides the TMJ

First, identify which side of the face is bigger by lightly touching both sides. Start with the bigger side by placing two fingers in front of the ears, slightly opening the mouth, and pressing on the bone before the TMJ joint. Hold for one minute, ensuring the shoulders are relaxed and the pain is not too intense. Repeat on the smaller side. It is essential to keep the other muscles relaxed and talk during the exercise. The pressure on the pressure point will stimulate the muscles, improve blood circulation, and lymphatic drainage, leading to a slimmer face.

2. Near Masseter

This is a muscle used for chewing and it can feel stiff or strong. You can locate it by sliding your jaw open and feeling for a painful spot. You can target this spot by pressing on the inside center of your face, and holding for 1 minute. It may be painful, but it should be good pain and you should relax your other muscles while doing it. You can talk or keep your mouth slightly open. After 1 minute, check your face to see if there is any change. This is called the face shield technique.

3. Temple Area

This area is connected to the vasa masseter muscle and affects the temporal area. Use two fingers to find the dent area and press the smaller dent a little higher up for one minute with your thumb. This may be painful, but it can help reduce the size of the face. Pressing these three pressure points can improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The first two pressure points are located near the TMJ joint and should be pressed for one minute each. The third pressure point is in the temple area and should be pressed for one minute with your thumb. Remember to relax your body and face during the process.

In summary, we discussed some facial massage techniques to help reduce facial bloating and improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. These techniques included massaging pressure points in the jaw and temple areas using two fingers or a thumb, pressing and releasing the pressure points for about a minute each time, and keeping the body and face relaxed throughout the process. By regularly performing these techniques, one can achieve a slimmer face shape and better overall facial health. It's important to note that while these techniques can provide temporary results, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is crucial for long-term facial health.

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