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Make Nostrils Slimmer & Follow Golden Ratio | Koko Face Yoga

In today's video, I want to discuss the golden facial ratio for nostrils and share techniques to shrink them. Although this ratio is primarily applicable to non Asian faces, it can serve as a reference for everyone. It suggests that taller and slightly pointier nostrils are considered desirable. While this may not apply directly to Asian faces like mine, it's still worth considering. I've received requests for an update on this topic, so let's explore four tips and exercises together. Let's get started!

1. Relax levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle

Let's start by relaxing the area that tends to act up and become bigger. Use your knuckles or fingers to gently massage this area for one minute. Remember to be gentle to avoid inflammation. Next, move to the middle of the nose and repeat the gentle massage for another minute. If you feel a runny nose, it's a good sign. Finally, focus on the nostrils and massage them gently for one minute. Maintain a relaxed posture throughout the process to avoid unnecessary tension in the shoulders and neck. It's worth noting that the shape of the nose can potentially change over time due to the presence of cartilage, which is a soft bone like tissue. After fully relaxing this area, you can proceed to the next steps.

2. Reprogram levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle

For exercise number two, let's reprogram the muscle to relax when you smile. Use two fingers and place one on the Nancy muscle. Hold it while slowly smiling, making sure not to move the nose or change its shape. Keep the smile and count from one to ten without using the finger, focusing on relaxing the nose muscle. This is a way to train a relaxed smile without bunny or gummy smiles. Avoid sniffing as it disrupts the relaxation program.

3. Lift up and shrink the tip of the nose

For exercise number three, let's lift and shrink the tip of the nose. Use no cold or fingers, whichever is easier for you. Hold it gently, avoiding excessive pressure to prevent inflammation and enlargement of the nostrils. Look down slightly and create resistance by pulling the head up against the fingers. Count from one to ten, maintaining the resistance. Repeat this exercise two more times.

4. Shrink nostril exercise

For exercise number four, we will focus on the nostrils. Use one finger to lightly block one nostril, ensuring you cannot breathe through it. Exhale as much as possible through the open nostril, allowing for better inhalation. If you are concerned about asymmetry, try focusing on the non-dominant nostril as well. Please note that these exercises and tips do not provide instant results like Botox or plastic surgery. They require time to reshape the cartilage and reprogram the muscles.


These exercises aim to relax and reprogram the muscles around the nose for potential changes in its appearance. By gently massaging specific areas, focusing on a relaxed smile, and performing targeted exercises, such as lifting the tip of the nose and working on the nostrils, you can potentially achieve desired results over time. It's important to note that these exercises require patience and consistency, as they are not quick fixes like Botox or plastic surgery. Reshaping the cartilage and reprogramming the muscles takes time and commitment.

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