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Mini Face Yoga Session | Reduce/Prevent 11th Frown Lines Between Eyebrows | Wear ???? While Sleeping

I broke yes so I have I have a chickenpox car oh yes and I've noticed that so I've had it since I was like five but I've noticed over time that I'm getting a line bar because of the scar tissue I guess and how I use my muscles yeah we tend to do this we don't tend to do this 11 mm-hmm and then when that happens this becomes more visual it's part of the riscosKenny can you do this on purpose oh so it's like it's not right yeah like this mm-hmm and then the in my case there's a big bump once - it's like it's here yeah do you have it, yeah when this bump is bigger it's like Mountain the bigger Mountain Safari becomes deep which is the in the middle and then because that the chickenpox scar is in the valley if this mountain becomes smaller this valley becomes less as well okay so right now you said the dismal right so let's remove this, okay yeah let's remove this mountain yeah so this is happening else as well to me and there may be like five years ago or something guys realize I thought this is like a kind of home because it's so big and so strong not it becomes bigger and bigger bigger with age because I keep doing all the time so do you do anything about this area I'm yet yeah okay this one is not it's a muscle so no any other like a skincare cream or anything like that nothing is gonna work so when new skincare cream in the morning or at night you wash your face and then apply skincare so there has some lubricant and then but right now we can still do it because the skin has natural oil let's use the natural oil of this or the lubricant right now it's I it's ideal to do with some skin care cream okay let's now for the purpose of demonstration.

Let's do without the let's use the natural oil so use use this no call tool you could use like this gouache a tool or something if you have do you have anything like this or like yeah I don't yet hmm this is fine yeah and then hold it hold it one side and then from inside out and you should it's kind of a really strong because it's for breaking them the muscle, not this is the muscle not same as the shoulder has not right the same thing has happened here because we tend to show emotions especially now because we wear face masks if you wear face masks you cannot show you emotions in the mouth area so people tend to use more this area to show emotion including this one so this is we need to be careful especially because we have to wear masks and it's required to wear masks so when we go to supermarket or something in LA what about in Ohio right now it's not a requirement it's just recommendation by anyway when yeah we just need to need to be careful this has to be frozen on time the bigger the muscle is not become so the reason, why we want to hold it, is if you don't use this like this and the codes are wrinkled so hold it to prevent the wrinkle and then from inside out 1 2 3 4 5 there 1 2 3 4 5 you normally do that once a day or twice a day but it has to be very strong personally.

I've done I've done this almost every day and I see the result now I see it the mountain was bigger but it's a little bit smaller Botox is good too because Botox can kind of freeze the muscles here too but because no Botox anymore because of quarantine those are not the essential business you cannot do that so instead they're just 1 2 3 4 5 and you can't it's ideal to do with the cream skin care cream but you can do kind of any time because if you have only for her that natural oils can be used as a lubricant and plus it's not it's not gonna be you are not doing like this big one only tiny point so it's not gonna it's not gonna be like causing friction or anything like that but also it's very very important not to do it not to cause this 11 when your face is resting or when you're talking with someone when you're yeah try not a lot of people show emotion in here but we can show especially in your tie Oh required one very interesting technique for trains do you live with your family I do tape stops tape or any tape ideally it's a medical grade tape but this this is just for training purposes, this tape is not going to reduce the wrinkles but taping it relaxed some muscle so and then tape it or more and like cross the tape tells you, yeah so this is just a way to Train weight to make you realize when you're doing it yeah and also my my client they said that they wear maybe not this but maybe just this I don't know how they do it but some clients say that they wear take tiny take medical grade one not this sports tape because this can be itchy so medic great like a KT Tape or something like that where and then sleep and then somehow is relaxing the muscle when you're sleeping because when you're sleeping you cannot really control your facial muscle right this way touching helps when people are doing this one.

I'm not smoking helps to reduce the tension so I think that's the same logic just touching something physically not the skincare cream but there's something physically touching on them the area help relax the this eleventh muscle when you're sleeping that help with like like scrunching up your forehead as well this one yeah I think so they said that so they they tape it like this like this but if you're concerned about this area I I would do like a one's too tiny one one too if you like this one too tiny one and then my client says that she's she's amazing she does a lot of things she wears some band breathing is amazing so yeah if you are concerned about this especially this one inside of this chickenpox look you do because you cannot fix this scar yeah that lays our sometimes that does not face thank you but you can reduce this the mountain to reduce the valley to make it less visible don't believe that would be my advice awesome thank you but when you're talking you are not really doing this one so that's good oh good yeah these away like I think when I work and I'm thinking I scrunch up a lot like that yeah so it's really not good I tend to do it first for them now I'm aware of it so it's getting better being aware of that special habit is the first step okay all right yeah so thank you so much and I hope you will have good results oh thanks yeah thank you, sir, okay thank you so much.
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