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My Eye Color changed!

Drinking, drinking, drinking almost everyday, like 10 years, every couple of days. It was not every single day, but now.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about my eye color change. My eye color was always like little bit dark brown. Which is very typical for Asian face I think like this, and then it was being around like this. But recently I feel like when I, when I saw a mirror, suddenly I noticed that my color the eye color got a little bit lighter than before. So I did some research and this is a rare, rare case. And maybe I'm going crazy. Maybe it's same. It's been like this. I don't know. But I think I have, uh, I found a reason. The reason is my diet changed a lot. I am right now, 41 years old. So when I was younger teenagers and twenties, I was drinking too much, so much diet coke all the time for like, almost like 10 years, almost every single day.

Cause I didn't know the how bad it is. I didn't know much about it. I was just drinking, drinking drink and zero calories. So you will not gain weight. So I thought it's, it's fine. And I was drinking, drinking, drinking almost everyday, like 10 years. So my, my, my diet was so bad. I was eating more junk foods, not too junky but more junk food than now. Then five years ago, I moved to the United States and Los Angeles has lots of, lots of healthy food. And Japan has lots of healthy food, but somehow I didn't eat healthy food as much as, as much as much as now, before. I don't know why, but I got more influenced. I got older, so I have to take care of myself. So my overall diet become way better than before. So that's one thing. But the bigger thing, I think that contributes to the eye color change is a normal constipation.

I used to, I used to poop bowel movement every three days, every two days or three days or sometimes four days, every couple of days. It was not every single day, but now pandemic started. So this year since pandemic I became more healthier and then I'm, uh, I have bowel movement every single day now, but it was not happening before. The reason why I studied bowel movement every single day. I think I need to give credit to carrot juice because I got a new juicer. If you can see that this one, I got the new juicer and I do carrot juice, drink it almost every single day. And the carrot has lots of, lots of strong pigment. So this is a carrot juice, juicer thing. But even, even though I wash so hard every time I juice it with hand, the pigment is, I don't know if you can see it, but, um, it's a little bit orange here because of the strong pigment.

I, what I'm trying to say that if you drink a lot of carrot, your poop color change, your skin color might change. And your eye color might change. And also, um, my partner is very, very organic person. He eats lots of organic food, so I got more influenced than before and my diet became more organic. Eye color change it's not a common thing. And maybe it's not happening. I don't know. I'm just, I don't know. But, um, the point is if you have bad diet and then if you have some constipation situation all the time, and then you became, you eat more healthier diet. You, you, you have bowel movement every single day and then your skin become more clear and your eye color might be more, a little bit more lighter, but if you already have good diet, you have bowel movement every single day now, and then it's not gonna be changed. It's not gonna be the big change I think. If you haven't got our face yoga app yet, it's free download available on Apple store and Google play. So please try that. Lots of cool new features are launched. See you in the next video thank you so much bye.
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