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My Review To Face Yoga Exercises By Nivea! | Don't Follow Tutorials That Don't Make Sense

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to react to nivea's face yoga video. I happen to find this video and I thought it's interesting to talk about it so let's do it!

Four easy face yoga exercises for you okay and she's making various cute facial expression which is cool what wait that facial exercises increase blood circulation, more oxygen reaches the cell, yes but that's true but to me face exercises, two things it's more like a sculpting at the face it's more like a shape shape change the shape improve the shape of the face instead of surface of the skin because yeah increase the velocity that's more like a surface of to the skin that's true but that's more like an indirect result to me I think more direct result of by doing face yoga exercises to two things wake up sleeping muscle in the face to lift up the skin and relax overworking muscle for wrinkle reduction those who lift up and lift up and the wrinkle reduction those are two main thing so I don't know why they say I mean yeah it's okay but increase blood circulation that's more like coming from body exercise I think so anyway let's move on.

The results are clear and healthy skin appears yes but still it's I think this is more like a surface of the skin Anna yeah that maybe come from yeah body exercise and diet that kind of thing now always not necessarily coming from face okay so exercise anyway let's move on.

Okay exercise one lift cheek muscles close you're close yeah you know close your lips, suck your chick chick chicks in like this hold for eight to ten seconds and repeat five times let's see what it does good against cheek lines wait what was this about lift cheek muscle why do you do like this and then this lift your cheeks I don't understand at all I don't understand logic maybe I'm misunderstanding something, I don't know.

Next, exercise two, smooth out your forehead, forehead from lift eyebrows and open your eyes widely, well even before I looked at the video I can tell that this is so bad, I'm sorry Nivea people who made this but lift up eyebrows, lift up eyebrows this is overworking muscle if you want to smooth out your forehead, you need to really train this obvious okay muscle because the reason why you cause this forehead muscle is that when with age this eye muscle become weak so you have to depend on you have to depend use this overarching muscle overwork, which cause wrinkle so this doesn't make sense at all and let let's see.

Anyway yeah she's like causing so many wrinkles and I already don't understand because this exercise is for smoothing out your forehead wrinkles right and why do you need to cause wrinkle by doing exercise so I don't approve and she's she's frowning she's frowning this one on purpose which I really hate so I'm sorry I don't like this it says good against the forehead lines. I I don't really understand at all I'm sorry I'm gonna dislike this video.

Let's move on, next one work muscles around your neck. tilt your head back and then tightly pucker your lips which I think is like this and push them forward, this is good actually yeah so in my exercise there are multiple things to do but one of the things so it's like oh so this is a new version and I think I approve it! I think it's good the point is you don't call to wrinkle it says good against lines and blue skin on your neck yes that's true I like it yeah just don't cause wrinkled forehead when you look up because some people do that and if you have to cause wrinkled forehead when you look up close your eyes so that you don't have to cause wrinkle.

Okay let's move on exercise for gentle toning for your eye areas put your fingers to your temples okay, rapidly rapidly close and open your eyelid. I don't know a way it says it says good against the crow's feet and baggy up eyes I don't understand this at all the logic what's the logic behind this I don't so let's move on.

The next one, maybe last one oh no that's it make sure your hands are clean exercise three to five times a week about ten minutes, okay well ten minutes if you can do that's great I mean don't do this all but and to me I say the beauty of face exercises that you can do most of the exercises when you're driving when you're working a computer when you're yeah doing something so that it's easier to continue and yeah so - I think ten minutes it's long too long so that you will not be able to continue but anyway that was an interesting video.

I just wanted to you guys know that it's important to know what you're doing and some logic that's why I explained some people say I talk too much I'm sorry but I really would like you to understand why you're doing it how you're doing it what's why why this is so or something like that, that's why I talk a lot anyway thank you very much for watching as always check my website Koko face to free download the yoga paper sugar oil and the book where's the book? somewhere where's book? I don't know but there's somewhere um anyway, Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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