No Botox? No Problem | 3 Face Yoga Exercises/Tips To Reduce/Prevent 11th Frown Lines Between Brows

practice pause wrinkle but don't do it that's how you pre-programmed facial muscles [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi everyone today I'm going to talk about how to prevent or reduce this 11th line because now because of the pandemic all the known instance of business has a clause included Botox I've done Botox and I see a lot of clients that they do it but they they can't do anymore because the clinics are closed so this is the solution we're gonna do three exercise and tip SpaceShipTwo about this line today number one let's reprogram the muscle not to cause lines so this is has a lot of tension and the shows emotion it's they're very easy to cause this line but let's let's do this use your fingers first wash your hands because turnovers and then hold our user finger and then it's like a little bit from inside out like a little bit pull a little bit pull and prevent the wrinkles but inside that be behind the fingers you try to create lines so this is like river resistance training you are preventing wrinkles but trying to Col trinka then one two three four five six seven eight nine [Music] the logic is you try to cause wrinkle but don't do it that's how you pre-programmed facial muscles as face has natural oils when you do it as you're not causing any friction you do not need in your lubricant I don't think you just hold it and then try to not in but to press out to prevent the wrinkles but you try to close wrinkle but you cannot cause metal because you're preventing yeah that's how you reprogram you could do three to five times per day each one is ten seconds next one face yet the technique seems finger and absolute is the pressure in Japanese it's just like a deep tissue massage with finger but not this area because this is more dirty I like using joint because the joint area is more less dirty and more plain basically we're gonna break down the muscle not because this is a muscle if I use my finger like like there is no and there's a big thumb and then Valley and then Bob fountain and volley so like it's like a big thing so that one I thought I used to thought it's like bomb because it's so strong in a so hard it's not bomb it's a muscle tension because we keep I keep doing that same facial expression over and over this is the overarching muscle we need to relax by writing down the muscle not with sustain on this shoulder not everything has natural oils here and it's not fair cause with too much grip friction you don't need any lubricant or you could use some mosquito cream or something when you apply skincare cream I have a honey to do this when I apply skincare cream night after washing my face anyway so do like this whole debt and then just from inside out out out out out and this goes a little bit redness but it's a super temporary so don't worry about it and then out out out out out used to really feel the big bump that's the muscle looking you want to break it down then the reason why I use this finger is that if I don't use finger I might cause wrinkle no no I don't want to cause wrinkles by doing that X that's how I still hold it to reduce wrinkle or I mean the prevent wrinkles and then out out oh you could do like this but sometimes sometimes people cause more input here I mean this is not like a regular wrinkles that you cause from facial expression so I mean I wouldn't be too worried about it but this is paper hold it and then from insider out it's really strong it's because it's not soft Swedish charge anything it's more like a shiatsu deep tissue massage breaking down down down down muscle not here so it's it's a bit harder it's like this disability number 3 tape it this is a Japanese tape and the you don't have to necessarily have to have this because any medical tape I think is fine because I hear from client that they they just attach some medical grade tape not not this special tape doesn't have to be this special one for the face but any medical grade tape you put it here like 1 1 so like cross and then the sleep that's it I guess maybe when the tape is on the muscle is relaxing without tape maybe it's easier to have attention when you're relaxed personally I haven't see big result by doing this because maybe because I don't know how big lines here yet maybe but I hear lots from my client that I teach facial but they they apply this one one and then asleep and they they said that the eleventh is really reduced so I think it works I mean my clients are telling so telling me that so okay that's enough to be this any special thing but I think a new medical tape is fine another interesting way of using your tape is the you wear tape and then communicate with your friends or family members or people you live together with and then when every time you close this line the tape tells you you can you can easily notice without tape it's kind of hard to know which when I'm doing this it's hard unless you see on the mirror right but you don't have near all the time so this tape tells you in addition it's very important to capture your unconscious patients person habit and a face posture so I highly highly highly recommend you put some multiple mirrors around yourself especially where you stay the most of the time at home because now everyone is a home and my case I'm at the desk there's a there's a what there's a desk computer and then there's a mirror mirror but if you are always cooking maybe put the two mirrors on three mirrors or four mirrors at the kitchen or anywhere you say the most of the time I highly recommend you put the mirror to structure the capture you're like a real unconscious patients person happy to after all this wrinkle or any wrinkles or any any updates for sure as a facial instructor I do a lot of the demonstration including the bad face posture and I used to this line on purpose to show the bad example but I stopped doing it no anymore I stopped I ask my instructor not to do it anymore because the more you do the more it gets worse so even as a bad instruct bad example if your instructor please do not do that because the less the better so three tips and exercise that you could do to prevent lines no Botox no problem so this one it's an exercise and try to from inside out but you try to cause Rico that's one way to reprogram the facial muscle and another one is a face so your two thing and the last one is this one personally the spaceship two thing I do almost every day and I see big difference I used to really have big one its reduced because of the breaking down breaking down so you have to think so I really believe in it yeah so that's my the most favorite as always if you're interested in other exercises visit my website Coco later welcome to free download this Yoga paper poop in the sugar oil and after severe as well so please check it out thank you so much till the next video bye
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