No More Reading Glasses

No More Reading Glasses

Hi guys today I'm going to talk about eye exercise so that you don't have to use reading glasses. This exercise is great for preventing the use of reading glasses or even when you use it now with this exercise you will need to use reading glasses a little bit maybe less so let's try it, but before going to the exercise let me explain why you need reading glasses with age because adjusting muscle in the eye deteriorated and then it's hard to adjust so then you use reading glasses as kind of a support, to support adjusting muscle ability in the eye so if you train the adjusting muscle in the eye you will not use you will not have to use reading glasses.

First, relax your face and eye and then use your thumb. Actually, doesn't have to be thumb, I will introduce something later but you let's say use your thumb and focus, target the focus here and then look at some clothes and something far then close then far then close and far at this point you should be your eyes should be a little bit of tired and then close and then this time just just a little bit farther. Find up, identify any target that add a little bit farther and then close then far then close then far then close again this time slowly close up to the eye and almost lose your focus. It's okay to lose focus but not too much, just a little weak, lose your focus but try to lose try to use the adjusting muscle to try to target that close point and then far then close then far then close then far. What do you think? It's hard to ahmm, demonstrate because you might think I'm just looking at this but far close far close and this is a really good exercise to train the adjusting muscle.

Please try now and I would love to know how you feel, your eyes should do have a fatigue it's not effective, you're not doing it correctly. Actually this exercise is very kind of not very common, but some people know it, so I thought American people know about it too but I just started teaching it and I asked around, I'm asking around them people don't know about this exercise but if you if you can, we can train our eyes and we'll know you have to use reading glasses naturally like by doing this exercise isn't that a great? and then you save money you don't have to use glasses, and it’s all good and so I suddenly, I don’t want to use reading glasses so I'm gonna yeah, I I tried to do.

One tip, so when you do this exercise actually um yeah it's important to call in incorporate this exercise into your daily routine so that you don't you don't have to work hard to try it's easier to try if you incorporate into your daily lifestyle so my suggestion use your phone instead of thumb that means okay when you're by yourself but in public if you want to do it because you're waiting for friends waiting for train or waiting for uber or something and in public it's a perfect time to do this exercise but if you do this in public it's kind of a strange person yeah people think it you are weird so I know that to prevent that use your thumb and then use it like look at here and the far and close and far and close and far and then a little bit closer then lose almost loose you focus actually I don't know I might be losing focus but it's okay just because this is a good training and they're far and close and far so use your phone or something, you don't have to use thumb.

Another tip is that when you look at something the far point should not be done should not be this different angle it should be the same angle, same line, make sense? same eye height, not here not here not here not here but here the same position so that you don't have to use other muscle just focus on adjusting muscle.

Actually I'm just right now live-streaming my filming on our YouTube oh Instagram and like a great question how far how near from your eyes your thumb should be there so my case it's all like here or here and if it's this close I lose focus, I can’t and so maybe like this is the closest, yeah and I lose focus, so something like this, so 1, 2, 3 inch or something right? But it's up to you as long as you you don't lose big focus it's okay you lose a little bit focus that's okay big focus not okay yeah and the far point farther the farthest the better farther the better but there's always a limitation if it's inside the house or office so but I highly suggest you do a dips outside so that you can find the real target far target.

Thank you very much for watching and be sure to visit my website face yoga with to get this Yoga paper free download and my book and sugar oil. See you in the next video! Bye!
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