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Ogee Curve

Today, let's discuss the ogee curve or line, which is a smooth S-shaped line on the forehead. It should not be overdone as it can give an unnatural appearance. I will share three exercises to help achieve a smooth and beautiful S shape. Let's get started.

1. Face Massage

For the first exercise, we will use a face shiatsu technique to break down muscle knots in the face. This will help to achieve a smoother ogee curve. Use your knuckles to hook below the cheekbone and move upwards for one minute, without causing any friction on the skin. Repeat as needed, and you can also try moving up and down for added effect. This technique is especially useful for reducing the mid-cheek line. Be aware that it may cause slight pain, but this means you are breaking down muscle knots. Remember to be gentle, especially if you have had a recent nose injury.

2. Cheek Squat Exercise

This exercise involves several techniques that require practice to achieve. Before starting, make sure you understand the concept of mewing, which we explain in our mewing101 video. To begin, show at least eight upper teeth, but ideally ten or eleven if you have a wider smile. Your cheeks should be up and your upper teeth resting on your lower lip. Inside your mouth, engage in mewing by pushing your tongue up and flattening it against your palate. Be sure to keep your neck relaxed while doing this exercise. Hold for ten seconds, then release the tension. To prevent unwanted frown lines or larger nostrils, check out our other videos dedicated to improving the cheek squat. You can repeat this exercise one to three times per day, and remember to practice 50/50 chewing while eating to ensure efficient use of your cheek muscles. This will help create the slight S-shape we desire.

3. Face Shiatsu Technique

The Face Shiatsu technique involves applying finger pressure to various parts of the face, focusing on areas with muscle tension or bumps. To achieve smoother and more defined facial features, it's recommended to incorporate this technique into your daily skincare routine. During the massage, be mindful of avoiding friction and causing wrinkles. The exercise includes massaging the forehead and cheeks, holding each position for at least one minute. This technique can also help reduce check lines and muscle knots. Remember to maintain good posture and incorporate this exercise daily for optimal results.

In summary, those were the three exercises for the face shiatsu technique, which can help smooth out the forehead and achieve a nicer shape. However, if you're interested in more exercises and analysis for asymmetrical faces, be sure to check out the app, which is available on iPhone. Also, exciting news, there will be a yoga expo in Los Angeles on January 22nd next year, where the speaker will be teaching the Koko face yoga method to a large group. Stay tuned for updates on teaching opportunities for this method as well. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video!

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