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Reduce Eye Wrinkles | How to Apply Cream more

Don't apply like this you wanna stretch the skin then apply. So it penetrates deeper in the skin and you, you really wanna add moisturizer because it's, it gets easily dryer because it's a thin skin.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how to reduce or prevent tiny, tiny, tiny wrinkles, but a lot of wrinkles around the eyes. Recently I did three kinds of facial wrinkles. So if you haven't checked that please do. But this one is I think, combination of overworking muscles, overworking and dryness and lack of elasticity on the skin. So let's move on to three ways to fix the wrinkles.

Number one, stop doing bad facial expression habit. This is kind of the most important thing. So even if you don't have those wrinkles, you will get it. If you keep doing this bad facial expression habit, for example, when you're smiling, bunny smile or gummy smile, they're like this wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle that cause wrinkles. So when you smile, you wanna smile with eye area, the nose area relaxed. My other video about how to smile beautifully by relaxing, unnecessary wrinkles. That shows really good instruction. So please watched that if you haven't, but basically you wanna relax this levator labii superioris alaeque nasi. This is the one who's always going up, up, up, up, up, and cause more wrinkles here yeah. So you wanna relax this sometimes I do. And I recommend you to do about and just relax the nasi muscle one, two, three, four, five, then one, two, three, four, five to relax it. In addition to smiling other common facial expression habit is yawning. I did another video about yawning so please check it out. But basically you, you don't wanna yawn like wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle you don't wanna do that. That's what you want to prevent. So every time you yawn, I yawn, I use finger to relax this levator labii superioris alaeque nasi yeah this one. You wanna touch it by touching, you can prevent wrinkling, wrinkling. That's one thing, but also by touching, touching then the brain, Oh, I have to relax.

Brain, realize that I have to relax. So touching helps to relax this muscle. Another thing, if you have poor eyesight, you might be squinting a little bit when you try to read something or watch something, especially because people at home and in front of screen all the time. So you might be doing like this, like this, in addition to 11th I'm causing a lot of tension. You might not see wrinkles, but it has a lot of unnecessary tension that, that will become wrinkles in the future. So try not to have tension in here. It's important to wear sunglasses outside as well, because if it's too bright, you gonna squint and cause wrinkle.

Number two, let's do some exercise to wake up this outer, lower eyelid muscle instead of inner one. Because when this is have a lot of tension it's going to in, in, in, in, and it cause wrinkle. So you wanna have more muscle wake up outside, out, out, out, out here instead of inside. How do we do that? The classic lower eyelid exercise. Let's use a finger to make sure that you are moving outside, not inside. So this is the area you wanna up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up down only lower eyelid is gonna be lifted up, down, up, down without moving anywhere else. 10 times per day. Um, if you closely look, you, you might see that it's a little bit trying to in, out, in, out. This is not what we want. So if this if that's motion is happening. You might wanna stretch a little bit, not this, but a little bit out, a little bit out to move the tension from inside out. I highly recommend you do this exercise in front of mirror to make sure that other areas are not moving. So let's do it one more time, but I recommend 10 times, 10 rep per day, at least per day. So put your fingers outside of the eye because this is what we want to move. If you watch the malaris video, that's it. Malaris is the one we are trying to move.

Tip number three, dryness. We need to prevent dryness. So because the skin is very, very thin around the eyes. So when you do skincare or eye cream, when you apply instead of rubbing, rubbing or rubbing is really bad because that cause friction and damage the skin that cause more wrinkles. So never do that. And I like gentle touch especially around the eye. So when you do apply eye cream here, you wanna little bit stretch by making Oh face, oh, and then look up without moving eyebrows. That's it. You don't wanna do this stretching motion too long time because you wanna stretch out the skin. If you do too long time, that can be dangerous. So I would say just like a one second or two seconds or three seconds maximum. Every time you do it, but basically let's do it again. Make Oh, look something you don't have to do this hand part.

I'm just demonstrating. But eye movement is all a little bit up. Try not to move your, moving forehead or eyebrow or more wrinkle in here. If you do like this, it's not effective. And because you're causing wrinkle, I don't want you to cause more wrinkles by doing the face of exercise super important not to cause wrinkle. If you wanna check if your causing wrinkle on the forehead or not use your phone and then check it. Another tip is a lots of people do like this, this motion inside, out, inside out. I just don't like this motion because it can cause a friction. Even if you use lubricant, which is the eye cream, cause you're doing every single day. So I like feather touch. I like light touch, patting like that's it. When you apply body lotion on your elbow, for example, see, there are many wrinkles here, right?

So you don't apply like this. You wanna stretch the skin then apply. So it penetrates deeper in the skin. And you, you really wanna add moisturizer because it's, it gets easily dryer because it's a thin skin. That's why I like stretch the skin quickly just one second, two seconds, three seconds quickly, and then apply it patting. The previous exercise was, uh, lower eyelid up, down, up, down, up down, right? That's a training exercise. And then you, then stretch, training, stretch, training, stretch. This is a key for elastic skin. You just don't wanna stretch this thin area too much, too many times or too long time. So those are three tips to reduce or prevent eye wrinkles, tiny ones. And the first one was stop doing bad facial expression habit, like bunny smile or squinting, or you might be doing like rubbing.

Don't do that or yeah. So those any wrinkle-causing actual like yawning. Yawning, yawning you might be doing. So that's not good. Then number two was uh eyelid exercise, but try to do the outer one. This is, this is what we want to wake up, not inside. And number three was eye cream. How to do eye cream. So you wanna do to stretch quick. If you haven't checked our face yoga app yet, please try it because it's a free download available and three day free trial for one year subscription. And we are doing instructor certification course as well. So if you're interested in becoming face yoga instructor with me, check my website thank you so much see you in the next video bye.
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