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Reduce Forehead Lines

Today, I'll discuss how to effectively address and diminish horizontal lines on the forehead. If you missed our previous video released on the 11th, I recommend watching it as it contains valuable information on a related subject. However, for today's discussion, I want to specifically focus on horizontal lines on the forehead, which can be a concern for those looking to improve their facial appearance. Thanks to Con's Universe for the request, allowing us to explore this topic of interest. I'll share three exercises and tips to help alleviate these lines and achieve a smoother forehead. Let's get started without further delay.

1. Lower eyelid lift-up

To address the issue of horizontal lines on the forehead, it's important to consider the movement of the frontal muscle. When this muscle constantly moves upward, it forms muscle memory and results in wrinkles. To counter this, strengthening the eye muscles is essential since they are interconnected. Opening your eyes wider often involves the use of both the forehead and eyebrow muscles. If you can open your eyes as wide as possible without raising your eyebrows, that's great. Otherwise, it's important to train the eye muscles. Here's an effective exercise: Place your pinky fingers lightly on your eyebrows and relax your shoulders. Cross your eyes and slowly open them wide, focusing on lifting the lower eyelids without moving your eyebrows or forehead. Then, gradually squint without fully closing your eyes, concentrating on awakening the lower eyelid. Perform three sets of opening and squinting repetitions per day, emphasizing quality over quantity. Maintain your focus on the eye muscles and avoid moving your eyebrows.

2. Forehead massage technique

Exercise number two is a massage technique that helps relax the overworking frontal muscle. When applying skincare cream, it's important to relax the muscle that is constantly lifted. Whether it's at night or in the morning during your skincare routine, take the opportunity to relax the forehead. You may not need additional massage oil as the natural oils on your forehead can suffice. Keep the massage simple and gentle, using a count of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to promote relaxation. While some massage techniques involve lifting the eyebrows and forehead, it is recommended to conclude with a downward motion for ultimate relaxation.

3. Stop doing bad facial habit

In the third tip, it's important to break bad facial expression habits that contribute to forehead lines. One habit to avoid is repeatedly raising the eyebrows, as it can deepen the lines. Instead of using the forehead muscle to look up, try moving your head upward to minimize the use of that muscle. Another habit to be aware of is unconsciously raising one eyebrow, typically associated with negative expressions. Using tape as a reminder can help you become conscious of this habit. Consider using medical grade silk tape, available at affordable prices online. Placing small mirrors on your desk or wearing tape while sleeping can also aid in monitoring and correcting these expressions.


Addressing horizontal lines on the forehead involves a multi faceted approach. Strengthening the eye muscles through specific exercises can help alleviate the reliance on the forehead and eyebrow muscles. Additionally, employing a gentle massage technique during skincare routines can promote relaxation in the overworked frontal muscle. Breaking bad facial expression habits, such as repeatedly raising the eyebrows or unconsciously raising one eyebrow, is crucial in preventing the deepening of forehead lines. Utilizing tape as a reminder and incorporating small mirrors into your daily routine can aid in monitoring and correcting these habits. By implementing these strategies, you can work towards achieving a smoother forehead and a more youthful appearance.

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