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Reduce Or Eliminate Mid Cheek Lines

I'm so excited to share with you today my three exercises and tips for reducing mid cheek line. Without this exercise I was not able to do. Up and out we want to do up and in. This is the maximum I can do, which is the most, one of the most overlooked.

1. Lower Eye Lid Lift up

We're going to lift up the lower eyelid, so we want all of our muscles working together for this exercise. So we'll use both hands and both eyes and kind of try to keep our mouth closed as much as possible. So let me show you how tongue is up here. Close your mouth again, keeping your tongue up there (quickly). One hand at a time on both sides, let's focus on lifting up the lower eyelid first with one hand on either side of your face. Then close your mouth again quickly without moving anything else.

2. Buccal Massage

So this is a really fun exercise. The first thing we're going to do is do some buccal massage on yourself. Buccal massage is where you use your fingers to gently rub the inside of your cheeks and jawline. t's a great way to relax, relieve stress, and promote circulation by stimulating blood flow. It can also improve skin tone by improving cell turnover rate. To get started, just grab a clean hand—no nail polish or makeup—and gently press your finger into the fleshy part of your cheekbone. Then slowly move your finger along the jawline until you reach the corner of your mouth where two muscles meet.

3. Cheek Squat

To do this, I thought about doing a cheek squat, but I always do that so I wanted to do something different. I realized if you have chin tension, which is one of the most overlooked tensions, no one talks about it. But you shouldn't have chin tension because if you have chin tension even if you do a cheek squat, you might be activating this chin tension during your cheek squat. So before doing a cheek squat, it's important to be able to relax and kill this chin tension because the more you have this chin tension, the more it will sag your face.

Let’s summarize three exercises to reduce the mid-cheek line: lower eyelid slowly, buccal massage, and cheek squat. Our face yoga app is available on iPhone and Android, and we are also starting an instructor certification course. Face yoga is a great self-care method that can be done for a lifetime.
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