Reduce/Prevent Fine Tiny Lines At The Inner Corners Of The Eyes By Reprogramming Squinting Muscles

Reduce/Prevent Fine Tiny Lines At The Inner Corners Of The Eyes By Reprogramming Squinting Muscles

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about how to reduce or prevent this tiny fine lines on the inner corners of the eye.

This is a new exercise for me and I'm still experimenting so I really hope it works but I haven't still done like a year or so but I hope it works and I'm so excited, I am very confident about it so I wanted to introduce it.

First of all why do we get this tiny line because you have if you are concerned about this one, crow's feet you might not have this inner corner of the eye lines more and if you have if you have more inner corners of the eye lines here you might not have crow's feet some people might have both of them but usually it's either concerns, in my case I'm more concerned I'm more personal than inner corners of the eyes rather than crow's feet because I have a habit to smile like this and the closing also attention inside that that has to be changed that has to be fixed.

So if you have a concern about the inner corners of the eye more lines tiny lines here please keep watching.

First, use finger I'm gonna use the mirror here like this and then use finger and it's a actually same as lower eyelid lift exercise you do lower eyelid lift but when you do, actually my case might this one it has more lines and this one is less so I'm gonna work on this one first because it's easier for me to explain by the way, never mind this just the makeup thing so when you do lower eyelid lift I noticed that I'm my eyes are more like like this inside out in in, moving like this that is very normal because muscle is starting from here from here and then loose and then here so it's like this it's not like me round it's starting from here inner out in in inner out in him so usually the muscle is the starting point of the muscle is very very strong it's really pulling no no pulling it more like a it's like this it's like this and then this like this side like this make sense? so it's coming it's like sticking starting from here here so it's more like what's the word it's coming inside no outside but more like my so it's moving inside because it's starting from here which is normal that's why we get more lines here.

So the way we fixed reprogram the muscle is when you squint not squint with the lower eyelid lift up just a little bit out and then prevent them prevent the wrinkles here by playing out and then try to move, look at the mirror very very important look at the mirror and try to move here instead over here so stretch just a little not too much because you're not stretch of things in the area right? so just a little bit out then prevent the wrinkle on the inner side and then really look at and could be touching then…

By doing so by by looking at the mirror and I can really see that this part is like I can imagine I what's the word.. I can, I don't know how to explain it's hard to explain but you have to be you have to target the specific muscle which is the outer muscle and without the finger it's so hard to do it it's always moving this side you want to move with this side right so just look at it and then…

Unlike me if we both of the eyes are lots of line on the equal amount then you could use two fingers and then stretch out just a little bit then out out out out out so try to move here not here lower eyelid lift up up up not this but this so you could do both at the same time but in my case I have more problem in this side less than and this is better so I'm gonna work on this first so tilt down stretch a little bit then… but I'm really looking at it and trying to lift up here instead over here.

I just started this exercise like a week or so so I haven't really done enough to seek result yet but it's very very important to reprogram reprogram the muscle to fix the problem because the cause of this one is not just aging but we are squinting to this side inner inner inner so if we can fix that this motion not to do that and then you will have less wrinkle here I think because that this is I'm like a living proof because my this this side I don't smile like this I smile more for when I squint, I don't smile my heart my muscle in a muscle is known like really coming here it's more like up not like this but this one is a problem it's always like this then I get more lines so yeah I believe I believe so if we reprogram my muscle by doing stretching then and try to lift up here when we smile or when we make facial expressions we can use more outer muscle instead of using inner muscle, makes sense?

I will definitely keep you good guys updated about this exercise but so far I think this is a way to reprogram the muscle to wake up more outer lower eyelid instead of inner.

So thank you very much for watching by the way this is my new place and I just moved to here like a week ago to it less than two weeks ago and still yeah I just assembled my desk it's terrible I'm so bad at you regret that I didn't get Task Rabbit but anyway yeah so check my website Koko face to free download that Yoga paper both of them I mean back and front, the book sugar oil and app is available as well so and we are keeping we are adding a new feature to give you more free exercises on the app so please stay tuned and thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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