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Remove Jowls

So this is a new thing that I learned from my dental chiropractor. Today, I'd like to talk about how to reduce or prevent jowl Because I learned something new. Let's do the three exercises and tips. Let's do it.

1. Masseter Muscle

You know, it's one of those muscles that we don't think about all that often, but it's actually a really important one. I had this really interesting conversation with my Japanese dental chiropractor friend about the masseter muscle and how it affects our faces. And I was really surprised by what he had to say! The masseter muscle is the one that pulls your skin down, which makes your face look rounder and wider. So when you clench your teeth or grind them together without realizing it (and sometimes even when you do), this muscle gets bigger and pulls more on your skin, causing sagginess and giving you a square jaw. So if you're reading this article because you're trying to lose weight or take off some inches from around your face… this may be why it hasn't been working! You may need to start focusing on strengthening your masseter muscles instead of focusing on losing fat around them—it's totally possible! In fact, my friend has something called the Brucie method that helps people strengthen their masseter muscles so they can have a more balanced jawline and look more youthful than ever before! So now I'm really obsessed about reducing this masseter muscle. I know that I teach face yoga and that you're supposed to tell people not to flinch and not to do TCH (temporomandibular joint) exercises, but I have tension in my jaw anyway! So I do them anyway! And so does my sensei—that's what he does for a living: teach people how to do face yoga. He's been doing it for 30 years, so he knows what's up. He's even studying to be a dentist because he's super professional like that—he has had an amazing experience with face facial chiropractic treatment for 30 years. But even if he has tension from being stressed out from studying to become a dentist, he still knows what he's talking about when it comes to reducing stress and tension in your jaw muscles through face facial chiropractic treatments!

2. Depressor muscle

Whether you've already watched my YouTube video on how to eat properly or not, the fact is that you should be chewing with your mouth closed. Why? Because it helps keep your jaw in a position where it can't sag and cause jowls. As you may have guessed, I'm a big fan of tape and for good reason. It's a great way to stop the DAO muscle from moving and causing your jowls to form. The only problem is, if you're like me and get tired of wearing tape all day long (or if it just doesn't stay on long enough), you can use another method: closing your mouth while chewing! So the next time you think about eating or talking with your mouth open, remember: You don't want to be using that depressor anguli oris muscle!

3. Neck Stretch

Hey, I just did my hair and took off the jacket. So you can see my neck, which is a treat for you today. Because we're gonna work on your neck!

Do like this. Which side is tighter? Do you feel any difference? Kind of saying maybe this is tighter. I don't know. But the point is you wanna stress the neck because of posture always make this or like this always looking down at a computer or something always forward that causes a lot of tension in those muscles like this (sternocleidomastoid and platysma). It's connected, so it pulls on the skin and that's how you get the jowls. So we're gonna do some stretches for those muscles. Don't do anything if you have neck pain unless it doesn't hurt, but unless you don't have neck pain, we can do this one (two), three… open your chest, shoulder down… don't cross your legs… don't do it cause I need a spine straight… then put your fingers in front of the ear because later we'll do like this (don't stretch), don't stretch the neck or eye area here… if it hurts simply like this (it's fine).

Let’s summarize some facial exercises that can help to reduce the look of your jowls and make your face look younger.

The first exercise is the masseter muscle stretch. Y'all know what a masseter muscle is, right? It's the muscle that helps us chew food and it's also the one that widens our jaws when we're smiling or laughing. But did you know that if you overuse this muscle too much, it can give you a double chin? So what I've been doing lately is trying to reduce how much I use it. When I'm smiling or laughing I try to focus on using only half my face instead of full-on widening my mouth. This helps me keep a more narrow jawline and avoid creating jowls as I get older. Another thing you can do is reduce your sternocleidomastoid neck muscles by stretching them out every day! You can do this by placing two fingers on each side of this muscle and looking up while lifting up your head for ten seconds at a time (don't forget to breathe!). The last thing you can do is hold this stretch for ten seconds with your nose up here it's easier than it sounds!

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