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Shorten Philtrum By Activating Philtrum Exercise

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about philtrum. How to shorten philtrum and philtrum is one of my major concern. I've been struggling to be honest, as you can see a little bit longer than I'd like, so I don't like it. And I've been trying to find any good exercise to do philtrum in the past I did a video about philtrum shortening exercise, but that was so hard. That was actually kind of developed by Japanese dentist that I tried to follow it, but that was so hard. Then I found figured it out finally, little bit more easier way to feel the philtrum muscle. Special thanks to Linda, who emailed me about some new exercise idea. And I got inspired so let's do this today. First, wash your hands and then use um first relax. You need to relax the mus-muscle here.

Bigger vibration bigger the better, and then use a finger to create the duck lip. Create the cupid's bow this and a little bit up because if you don't do it it's gonna sag we don't want that. So a little bit up and then create the cupid's bow on purpose. And now a little bit duck lip so this guy is gonna be a little bit up and then relax the lip. Then, so try to try to like that the philtrum and upper lip it's out in, uh, not like a little bit open but out, relax close, out, close your mouth, out, close your mouth. It's not, bad example is instead of no.

And you're using this, uh, levator labii superioris alaeque nasi. I remember the name now um, this you know, you don't wanna use uh, you don't wanna use other muscle. You don't wanna use cheek muscle. You don't wanna use nose muscle. You don't want to do that. You just want to move this area. So when you do it, if you are doing like,

This is bad example, so other areas should not be moving. Only philtrum should be moving. And um, because of orbicularis oris lip muscle is round doughnuts and connected lower lip moves chin moves a little bit. But this should be relaxed as much as possible, even though little bit moves, but try to relax here, including lower lip and try to use the upper lip only. Even though it moves a little bit, let's do it again. So create the duck lip and then create the cupid's bow on purpose. 10 seconds, 10 times open, close, open, close 10 times, and then keep the, keep the shape.

Relax the chin, relax the lower lip and I have a lot of tension in here now. You might not be able to see it, but I'm feeling it here and then keep this posture. Lip posture, as long as possible when you're working, when you're walking, when you're driving, when you're cooking, just keep it as long as possible. As I'm super conscious about the philtrum, I'm gonna definitely, I've been doing more couple of weeks and gonna do longer to see result. And I will update you guys, but please let me know if you like this exercise or not. I will. I just would like you to feel this mo-movement muscle here. Not this one, not this, not here, not here, but this one and by doing it, it really, in my case, it helped me a lot to feel it. So I have, I'm very excited about new exercise and I'm gonna really try it.

In addition to the exercise. Every time you drink, I like you to try this. So when you drink bad way, traditional regular way of drinking is there's a cup. You come to drink bad posture and ooh, this is very bad. So from now on, if you're concerned about philtrum, if you are not concerned about philtrum even cup come to you so that you keep good posture, head is on your butt. And then turn your smile to reduce, reduce the tension in the chin. And then the one we did the exercise, we did similar movement.

So it's like, if I don't have this, uh, drink come to me see? Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, and the drink it. And of course, when you drink, your tongue has to be up mewing of course. By doing so every time you drink, you're doing the philtrum exercise. So how many times you drink? I don't know. I drink a lot water because I, um, since pandemic, I'm a stay at home all the time. And because of the restroom is right there. It's easy to go. So I don't have to, I don't have to look for toilet which means I drink a lot, maybe three, three liters or something like that per day. So every time I drink,

You think this philtrum muscle. Actually, there's another tip that I see, I face police very often my clients. But um you don't wanna do thing. You don't wanna do this rub thing because that's, the muscle is gonna stretched out. It doesn't come back because it's tiny smile, a tiny muscle. It's not gonna get to back the elasticity back. So you don't wanna rub it the less you rub it the better. So when you have a, you might have a habit to do this, don't do it. Or sometimes people do lipstick and then just do it to blend people, do it. I have urge to do it, but I try not to do it. I don't do it. I don't like it. By the way, I change a YouTube format. As I got some comments that I talked too much. I'm sorry. At the beginning, I would just do that exercise without talking, just do it. And then introduction.

Introduction, the teaser introduction. Yeah. And then, hi everyone. And I talk about the more detail about the exercise, more detailed instruction warnings or common mistake or something like that. I hope you like it. But please let me know. Thank you so much. That's it for today, but stay tuned for other videos. And if you haven't got the app yet, please try it. We started the three-day trial free trial. So if you don't like it, you can cancel within three days you will not be charged. So that's, that's our new feature. And also we are doing instructor certification. The live stream will be next year, 1st of January, 2nd of January, and third of January, check my website, if you're interested become a instructor. And also we just launched instructor certification for medical doctors. Now I got to I got, I have lots of experience with doctors and I'm learning so much really appreciate it. Including Dr. Mew And then, yeah, so we are doing for a special certification for like the orthodontics or fractional dentist, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or anti-aging doctors, because we get so many inquiries from them. We decided to do it finally. Super excited, so stay tuned and check my website and see you in the next video thank you so much bye.
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