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Shorten Philtrum | The Latest Face Yoga By Training The Upper Lip And Skin Between Nose And Lip

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how to shorten the philtrum and try to create Cupid's bow. This is the latest version. By the way, this technique was inspired by one of the comments on this YouTube.So I really appreciate your suggestion, correction or advice or feedback or anything. I read everything. I can not answer everything, but I try to absorb it and show it on the video.

First, wash your hands, and then use the index finger and try to create that Cupid's bow, a little bit like this. And then they, um, thumb, uh, below, right below the lower lip to hold it, hold it. So to make sure that lower lip is not supposed to move only the upper lip like this, and then try to like put against the philtrum area and philtrum and a gum area or teeth like a hold it each other, hold it like this, each other. So imagine that you're holding it stable, the lower lip so that this chin moves. If you, if the chin moves that you're using this muscle, you don't want to do that.

Hold it then philtrum is pressing against the gum area. And then I'm trying to go out like a pull the philtrum out this one out, not up or down, but straight to the front. Imagine that, and then try to say who you don't want todo. You don't wanna use this muscle so hold it. Don't move your lower lip and then 10 seconds. And then when you say who, who, who, who, when you say it this is against the gum area and then pressing each other. Let's do one more time. So hold it lower lip then create the Cupid's bow, like a dark lip. Then, it'snot like. Then I'm using these guys and these guys don't use any other muscle else, but this one tries to move this one only. So.. Do you feel it? By saying who I can feel this one better if you feel it it's easier than the brain is signaling to work here. So it helps then after saying who, who, who, who you want to do, like, uh, 10 seconds.

Then slowly let go of the fingers, but keep it keep the same shape. I still feel here like really pressing each other, you might not see it, but I feel it as long as you feel like it's okay, then like this. Then work on computer studying, cooking, cleaning, driving, or something, do something. And then try to keep this tension as long as possible. Just for the demonstration purpose. I'm not going to use a finger, but it's not like using this one, right? It's not the one I'm trying to do. It's more like out. So you should not create a nasolabial line. You should not move any muscle. This one. So just focus on this philtrum and upper lip area.

To be honest, this exercise is a very short time, so if you just do that. It'snot that effective. My recommendation is to try to keep that tension in the philtrum area when you're talking when you're facing resting as long as possible, but by doing the foo, foo, foo, foo, foo, foo, by doing so you can feel it. You can kind of identify which muscle that you're working you're supposed to work. So it really helps. If you haven't got my yoga paper yet, please do so it's a free download available, and the book and the sugar oil for the skin is available. AI Koko is available and app is available. We launched a new service to advise you some three exercises per day for your concern. So you check five exercises out of 10 areas, and then we'll give you some advice, um, exercise for your personal menu. So please try it. If you haven't. Thank you so much. And uh, oh, again. I wanted to say this. Um, this channel is for you guys. It's not for me. It's, I'm just being the host, but I get so inspired by your comments. You've given me some new ideas or some suggestions, feedback science knowledge or muscle anatomy kind of thing, so many things, and I really appreciate it. So please leave some comments if you like this video. And I hope to learn from you guys more. Thank you so much. See you in the next video. Bye.
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