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Skin Ironing | How to Iron the Skin

Pointy and then use a finger to sandwich.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to do skin ironing. Skin is like, sometimes like this fabric. So it's folded wrinkly and then long time and when you, when you unfold the lines stay. But the fabric is like this elastic one. It does not have any wrinkle because the fabric is elastic. So if the skin is elastic, it does not leave the lines. And also like fabric. If the fabric is like wrinkly thing and then, what do you, what do you do to erase the lines? You, iron right? Ironing, ironing that's what I'm gonna talk about.

Number one, nasolabial lines. So find your mirror and then check where the nasolabial, the laugh line is starting from it's the beginning of the nose. I mean, not the beginning of the nose, but the beginning of the line is next to the nose here. Not here, not here, not here, not here, not here, but here. Yep. So my suggestion before skin ironing technique is that when you add some skincare cream or something, every, every time you do right? So you can use your finger ah not finger, but the tongue. Now I found something. I don't know what it is. uh, nevermind. Anyway, point here and stick out.So you kind of retry to add the cream inside the beginning of the nasolabial line. It's like sandwich. So you use the tongue pointy and then use a finger to sandwich. So tiny circle five times and then reverse it for each.

Tip number two, let's iron the eye wrinkles around here, here, this one under the eye. So the way we do is when apply skincare or eye cream, you do like this. Oh, oh so make oh face and then look up without moving forehead without moving eyebrow or anywhere else. Just did oh, oh, oh and then quickly. Quick, quicker the better, I mean, not quicker, the better, but to some extent you don't wanna stretch the philtrum too long. That's why I like doing this quick, but this way you can stretch the skin, which is, has so many tiny, tiny wrinkles here. So you wanna stretch it, stretch the skin and then apply the cream.

So it penetrates deeper into the skin. By the way, you guys know the lower eyelid lift up exercise, right? So that is a exercise part. And this oh, oh thing is a stretch. So that's a good, good example, training facial muscles, and then stretch training, stretch, training, stretch. This is a key for elastic skin elastic muscle. And that same thing applies the body. So for body, lots of people do exercise, exercise, exercise, and then stretch. Let's, they do that. So we should do the same for the face.

The areas to iron number three, as we did this one, let's do crow's feet. Crow's feet is definitely folded, folded, folded lines. So you, and then it happens because the skin's elasticity decreases. So you, when you do skincare or eye cream, hold it and the one, two, three, four, five, and iron up iron, iron, iron, iron, iron up. Especially important when you do, if you do at night, because you wanna reset the lines the, the lines that created during the daytime, you wanna erase it before you sleep so that you sleep better and you wake up more rested face. So you wanna really do it. It's okay to do it in the morning too, but you wanna do it especially at night.

The areas to iron number four, forehead but forehead has two areas this 11th and this horizontal one. Let's talk about the horizontal, 11th first 11th, you touch it and then you feel the big bump corrugator muscle it's always in, in, in, in, you watch, if you look at this, this dark red means super overworking it's in, in, in, in, in always. So don't do that. But in addition, you want iron out the lines, the corrugator rock up, out. I mean break it, break it, break it, so break it, break it, break it, break it, break, one, two, three, four, five.

You wanna hold it so that it doesn't cause wrinkle, but in my case, I do quickly that's it? So it doesn't cause wrinkles. So I just don't use any fingers, just quick version. I, but I do every single day and I have seen good result personally. So that's my favorite. The other one is a horizontal line. This is overworking up, up, up this red one. Frontalis muscle is always up, up, up, up. So you wanna relax it, by using finger down, down, down, down down one, two, three, four, five, I've seen so many massage technique to up, but I don't like it. And I have a massage therapist license called CIDESCO, which is really most prestigious classes for beauty therapists in the world for real, but, and I learned to do up, but I don't like it. Always down, down, down, down. It doesn't really make sense to up it. If you wanna relax the muscle, you down it, down, down down one, two, three, four, five one, two, three, four, five. Iron the muscle down to relax.

The area to iron number five, neckline this horizontal one. If you are interested in reducing this vertical one that's a different story. So check my other video to learn why it's happening and how to fix that. But I'm talking about the horizontal one, this is definitely another big folded muscle, because you might be looking your phone or computer and always looking down. Of course you get the line. And also sleeping is important too. If you're sleeping like too much, too high sleep pillow, and then you do like this and of course, you gonna get lines. Personally, I like, I like, um, neck back sleeping pillow so that it does, I don't cause wrinkle.

And if you're doing side sleeping, and if you feel like this line is deeper than this, probably you're sleeping like this all the time. So I highly recommend you check my not mine, but the pillow that I use, it's on my Amazon shop below in the link so check it out. Back sleeping support pillow, so that actually I use this way. Instruction is telling me, telling you to use like this, but I don't like it. I use opposite way. It really helps stop side sleeping. But wait we're talking about ironing, ironing story today. So let's talk about iron, how to iron the neckline, unless you have neck pain, you can do this. So shoulder down and chest open, slowly look up then.

The tongue should not be round, It's not good. You wanna pointy tongue. After many places to iron, let's review it again, let's wrap it up. So first one is nasolabial, nasolabial and then next one eye wrinkle under the eye. And then iron the crow's feet, 11th, forehead down, down, down, down, and the last one was the neck. When you do neck, make sure that you're not causing wrinkle on forehead. You might wanna close your eyes. That's okay. I don't want you to cause more wrinkles than doing the exercise. So make sure that you're not causing wrinkle. You're not raising eyebrow or anything. Just relax, everything except the uh. If your interested in other exercises check my face yoga app, it's free download and three-day free, free trial for one year subscription. So why not? And also I'm doing face instructor certification course if you're interested in teaching, check my website thank you so much see you in the next video bye.
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