Skincare Yoga With Orgaid Face Sheet Mask On | What Are Over-Working Muscles & Sleeping Muscles?

Skincare Yoga With Orgaid Face Sheet Mask On | What Are Over-Working Muscles & Sleeping Muscles?

You don't apply like this because there are many wrinkles here so you wanna stretch the skin then apply so that cream penetrate deeper [Music]

Hi Everyone, today I'm going to talk about what kind of face exercises you should be doing while you're wearing facial mask the mask I'm using is orchid organic shape mask which is sponsoring this video so thank you so much but before we talk about what kind of exercises you should be doing let me talk about this what's going on here so this is not just random drawing or anything like that this is a real thing that you should be knowing you should know if you're interested in face yoga because that's our like really fundamental policy no policy and things in general face yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance and wake up sleeping muscle to lift up the skin and relaxed overarching muscle for wrinkle reduction so.

There are two kinds of facial muscles did you know that not just face the body as well but sleeping muscle and overworking battle over chemo so this red one is overworking muscle that you should be relaxing to reduce wrinkles and unnecessary sagging for example this one forehead is always up up up up this one is always in and they create that deliverance and this one the horizontal one happens right so that should be really relaxed all the time and this one as well if you take either each and rorty's either please what he always swings down down down down that's not good because every time you pull the muscle down you get more now so baby online you'll get more sagging because everything is being pulled down yeah so.

This part should not be used if speech should be really relaxed and also let's talk about the sleeping myself sleeping muscle is here like this one around the eye especially lower eyelid is always sleeping super sleeping this cheek muscle always sleeping as well so that one needs to be wakened up to licked up that's game so those are two muscles I would like you to remember okay so now let's take it off and submit to the REO exercises I got three choices vitamin C revitalizing anti aging moisturizing Greek yogurt your nourishing I already ate Greek yogurt today so I'm gonna try vitamin C today let's do the exercise the first thing we gonna do is untie Bulldog face I am NOT anti Bulldog but the Bulldogs cheeks are not tube for human beings so we're gonna prevent the Bulldog cheeks by doing like tips and then we are wearing the beautiful mask usual application really pick up one whole hard creature machine cha-cha one two three oh you could do this ten seconds eight and three to five times per day this is a great exercise to lift up the jawline.

I have seen personally good results so that's my favorite but notice that the logic the reason why I highly recommend you do this exercise while you're wearing face masks is that is this so when you apply some body lotion or something you don't apply like this because there are many wrinkles here so you wanna stretch the skin and then apply so that cream penetrate deeper into the skin make that so that same thing so if you stretch the nostril clear and this part is stretched so you can really and use your finger to a little bit up to make it more effective to deeper penetration okay and by doing so it's really really really penetrating that's why I like to engage and if you cause trouble calling wrinkle use your finger to prevent it oh this is great because no friction because of that that this lubricant and but also patching helps the brain to tell that we are trading this muscle not this muscle not this loop this myself but this muscle right so touching really help and bring it like this and then quick this corn out.

The mouth is a little bit up no no but a little bit up yeah let's do it one more time so squeeze it aside as much of reform or little bit oh yeah if you're conscious wearing clothes again [Music] next up let's move on to the labial lines so this is a the line is starting from here not here or here or here so I'm gonna work on this area by using a tip of the time everyone has tip of the time right so let's do it basically this is a muscle is becoming a heart because we do the facial expression over and over so we wanna break down the muscle not by using your tongue from inside out so let's get your tip of the tongue mmm point here not here not here Yahoo as close to the nose as possible no, you just got to like a little bitty circular motion and the other side and then the other I'm the reverse mmm this way we're really breaking up the ironing out the muscle memory.

I usually teach to will be a tip of the tongue and create circle because you're not wearing a face mask all the time but if you're wearing face masks you can use a finger to really like just a little bit circular motion most arts this way we can moisturize deeper here next one is under the eye because we get lots of wrinkle here yep when you wanna stretch the skin here again same as this story you want to stretch in this then apply the cream and this is a really good organic cream so I really want to deeply deeply penetrate in this area the way we do this is so make opaque oh and then slowly look up oh that's it by doing so you are stretching this this area but the warning is that you cannot do this only like one or two seconds only you cannot do longer than that because you don't wanna stretch the philtrum mmm trust me so you do all ah that's it sure it not shorter the better but you should not be doing too long so gently Papa Papa Papa from outside in I don't like inside out I like outside in if you don't know the reason check other videos how to apply eye cream then let's move on to crow's feet so you hold the skin here and then break arms ironing out out out out out to the other side out out out out oh no out up .

I'm sorry I'm not English native now out but from the bottom up and basically this is another working muscle that we keep doing the facial expression over the lost the this part has less elasticity so we wanna ironing the out out out out out out by breaking down ironing out the muscle memory and last one eleven remember the face this was really common all working muscle we could be doing in in in in always so you want to hold that and then from inside out inside out one two three four five either side one two three four five from inside out always because it's always in in in you want to bring it out you could do like out out out you could do two at the same time you should get used to but to me doing one at a time is easier or sometimes I just do like this yeah but this is this has some warning .

If you keep doing like you might cause wrinkle here so make sure that you're not causing wrinkle that's why I like hold it and then from inside out so those are five exercises and face you have to technique that you could try while you're wearing face masks now let's take it off I actually have the eyebrow permanent makeup that's why looks like makeup but I'm not wearing any makeup right now and it feels really good this is the only organic sheet mask mainly USA no harmful chemicals very breathable eco-friendly and formulated by Korean dr. young thank you so much see you next video bye
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