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Stop Touching Your Skin | How To Quit The Habits | Anti-Coronavirus

Hi everyone! Today I would like to talk about how to stop touching habit like touching the skin, touching the face, people do all the time and I salute but it's very very important not to do it because of three reasons one of them is stop acne, the other reason is like causing lots of friction and caused axles to fine lines the third reason which is the most important right now is viruses, because if you touch something get the virus and then touch your skin like eyes or nose or any yeah those areas and it gets inside the body so it's very very important especially now not to touch your face.

So let me explain seven bad habits you might be doing it you should stop right now and how to stop those.

Number one, wearing masks unless you are sick unless you're sick you don't need to wear masks because first of all people say that experts said it does not prevent from prevent you from getting sick by wearing it, this is for medical profession or people who really need it and of course people who are sick and if you're fine don't wear it because wearing it it's kind of useless but not just that wearing it it's kind of a little bit itchy and cause friction so you might be touched, when you wear and when you take it off you touch the skin at the same time and then like it's kind of a cause of friction and it's little bit itchy so you might be doing the like this or this or adjusting or something and touching all old all over the face which is not good so don't wear it.

Number two, hairstyle. This is not a good example if you have a lot of like frame framing hair on the side and a lot more longer thing going on or something, longer bangs and then this is kind of annoying sometimes and then you might be touching a lot so hairstyle matters I saw some news that in China, nurses or medical profession people they shaved their head because hair catches virus so if you're very very worried about it don't don't this is a bad example don't do like this do like this and so that you don't want you will not be bothered by hair and not touching the face.

3, not wearing glasses sunglasses it's not soldiers to wear sunglasses outside because not just sun damage but also you when you get sun damage, you get more dry eyes or you might have some viruses it to the eyes so this is a good protection not just for something some protection but the virus protection as well, I mean of course it's not perfect but it's better than nothing and when their eyes are dry and itchy or something and you rub it right and then the skin around the eye is very very thin. Thinnest body in the body so it's very important not to rub to prevent fine lines around the eyes that another thing is that if you if you have to rub which sometimes I have to rub and then I understand it happens I used to do like really slowly doing no instead of this is the worst this is cause friction and worsens lines so don't do that but then I was doing like this like really pressing down my eyeball was like pressing being pressed down and I know this that's really bad because there's a fact, eye bag fat but if you press it down down down the eye bag fat it's gonna more drop down and show more so when you rub it, it's really important not to really press the eyeball it's hard not to press the eyeball but we just have to be super super gentle and not pressing the down pressing in maybe a little bit but not pressed down.

Number four, stop using some chemical and complicated skincare or makeup use something simple like this is my favorite direct clinical sugar oil because it has only one ingredient just sugar sugar sugar one on oil from sugar cane and the simple ingredient the better because nowadays if you keep wearing a lot of stuff it catches it's easier to catch viruses and also it itches that skin and you might be keep touching the skin.

Actually if you can tell I did a permanent makeup this is like two days ago it's super thick and actually I did on lips too so eyebrow and fix lips and I did the eyeliner one like ten years a long time ago but this one is new I mean I have done on eyebrow some years ago but you have to research every few years so I did that two years ago and it's very thick right now and it will it will fade and this has no lip no lip lipstick or anything because I just did it it will fade so I'm looking forward to seeing the results because if I have if you have good permanent makeup I don't really have to do much makeup which I think it's great for time saving and you don't have to do makeup so it's less chance to do catch viruses as well on the face.

Number five, it's just like habit some people make good it but when you sit down you there's a desk or table or something you sit down like this like this you have a habit to touch your face like this or like this like this like this like this. Don't do that because especially now you really don't want to touch your face.

Number seven when you form when you talk on the comb you're talking like this I'll talk to you like this so what if the virus is or something is on it on it in your touching here here like this and of course it's it's not good right so my suggestion of course and another thing that I don't like doing this is that EMS is coming yeah it's coming really close to break you don't want that you want to have EMS as far as possible but you have to talk so you use a Bluetooth ear pod or headset, I always try to do that sometimes I have to pick up there's no air pod and yep ear pod and I sometimes do it but very very unlikely or you use the speaker so that you don't really have to across the brain and then close to the skin.

Don't forget to check my website koko face to free download this yoga paper and the book and the sugar oil is available there and our app is available. I'm so excited to adding new feature so let me tease it because I'm so excited. So every time you talk or you do some facial expression on the app if you show lower teeth, error message appears so this is a great way to train yourself not to show lower teeth which is so hard I'm still practicing but by showing lower teeth is always not good I mean it's not good because you're using more chin muscle which is not good so anyway I'm so excited and I'm, we will be launching the new feature and so stay tuned. Thank you so much! See you in the next video. Bye!
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