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Straighten Your Nose & Clear Nostrils For Clearer Nose Breathing By Scraping Nose Cartridge

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about how do you straighten your nose. If you are concerned about the bumpy nose or lower high so you want to make a little bit taller this is a great exercise for you so let's do it!

But first let's talk about the nose anatomy so this is a cartridge nose it's a small one and there supposed to be more like this here but it's missing because they didn't have me they didn't have the originated by anyway this is a soft cartridge, the nose and then there's another one yellow so between each color, there is a gap the in the gap there's a body fluid with age, poor blood circulation or about poster of a kind things the body of the fluid stays and the fluid gets doesn't get enough nutrients or oxygen all that good stuff because the blood circulation is not good and then the muscle and the bones kind of really stick so it's important to kind of release the fascia release. The fascia is a layer on the muscle and the fascia become very stiff with age and poor blood circulation so basically we want a kind of a release between the yellow and purple from bottom up up up to release fascia and massage this this gap areas.

Let's do this! First wash your hands and the use finger we're gonna do one two three area so from here that like roll like a scraping up up up up up one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and then the second one, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and the last one, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. If you don't want to use this because you are outside or something you don't want to use this here I like actually using that joint because joint has the last start this has more of that because we're working on computer on all kind of things happening so I like using here but either way is fine whichever easy for you it's fine so I like to do one two three four five the point is not not just massaging, this massaging is okay too but like a scraping from inside out, inside out, inside out! This is more effective then one two three four five six seven eight nine ten… that’s it!

You don't want to do over do so just so 10 times 10 times 10 times maximum two days per day. This is a great exercise to have more clear clear nose because nose breathing is very very important not especially nowadays because of corona virus you know with nose breathing you can filter some foreign object because of the hair and the mucous membranes so you should be doing more nose breathing but sometimes it's hard because nose is stuck and then do this exercise to release the to move the body fluid to move more so you feel more clearer.

So the massage one is more straightening the nose area and then thing is more for shrinking the nostril but both are important if you are concerned about nose because nose is a big big everything it's connected nostril, nose this line is connected so please try it!

I learned this technique yesterday on zoom because I was taking the facial massage lesson and she told me a lot of things but this is one of them and she told me that some people have stuck no having trouble with not breathing you do this every single day and then it becomes much easier to is easier to breathe from the nose.

In addition, I have other exercise you might know already but let's do this another one. In addition to this massage one, you could do one hold it and then exhale… I'm inhaling from the nose then… okay let’s do the other one.. so first exhale then.. okay, ten seconds each this is a basic version, advanced version is more interesting, so first exhale… then two at the same time… I cannot keep it! Let's do it again, so first exhale… keeping 10 seconds is a bit hard but this way we are really training this muscle which is loose if you're not doing nose breathing and then this is good for shrinking the nostril actually because you were really using this sleeping muscle to, like this.

Thank you very much for watching! If you're interested in the other exercises visit my website Koko face to free download this yoga paper, book and the sugar oil and app is available! thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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