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The best hand care ever

Hello, everyone! Today, I'd like to discuss ways to enhance the beauty of your hands. While my hands may not be the epitome of beauty just yet, I've discovered some fantastic tips that have worked wonders for me. I couldn't contain my excitement, so I simply had to share them with all of you.

1.Disposable Gloves

I've been wearing disposable gloves almost every day due to the pandemic. They protect my skin from sun damage, friction, and dryness, which can age the hands. I haven't found an effective way to care for my hands through exercises or massages. Wearing gloves has made a significant difference. Despite some wrinkles and marks, my hands look amazing compared to before. I live in Los Angeles and still wear masks and gloves, which attracts attention. I choose gloves based on my outfit's color scheme. This technique has been the best way to beautify my hands. I used to apply creams and oils, but now I simply wear the gloves. I also use sunscreen on my hands, but the physical protection of the gloves has proven more effective. I believe in the power of gloves and will continue wearing them despite others' opinions.

2. Moisturize hands every time you wash it

After using the restroom, doing laundry, or washing dishes, it's important to wash your hands. However, frequent handwashing can lead to dryness. To combat this, I carry a small container of cream in my purse. Whenever I use a public restroom, I moisturize my hands afterward. I avoid using electric hand dryers because they can strip the skin's natural moisture. Instead, I prefer using paper towels to dry my hands.

3. Don't forget to apply the cream in between fingers and knuckles

First, I prioritize moisturizing my hands before my face because their skin is thin and requires special care. To properly moisturize, I recommend applying lotion generously, stretching and massaging the skin, even between the fingers and on the joints. Additionally, consider wearing gloves for added protection. These three tips, especially wearing gloves, have been effective for me in preserving the beauty of my hands. Take note of the difference in skin color, indicating less damage from the sun and proper care.


Wearing disposable gloves daily has protected my hands from sun damage, friction, and dryness caused by the pandemic. They have significantly improved the appearance of my hands compared to before. Despite attracting attention in Los Angeles, I choose gloves that match my outfit, making them the best way to beautify my hands. Moisturizing after washing is crucial to prevent dryness, and I carry cream in my purse for that purpose. I avoid electric hand dryers and opt for paper towels instead. When moisturizing, I prioritize applying lotion generously, including between the fingers and on the knuckles. Wearing gloves and following these tips have effectively preserved the beauty of my hands, reinforcing my belief in their power.
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