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The Best Training Method For Mewing

Today I'm going to talk about one of the most innovative idea I think, about how to train mewing with chewing gum. I think most of the people who watched the video know what is mewing, who is Dr. Mew and what is correct tongue posture all that and If you haven't checked my mewing 101 video, please check it out cause it's very popular. Um, but they, as Palobar said achieve the correct mewing, correct tongue posture is doable, right? Doable with instruction but maintain it is not easy. Keep doing it on a regular basis. I mean, almost all the time, except when except the time when you're eating or speaking right? But that's hard training is the most difficult challenge. So I think this chewing idea might help you. So let me explain that.

First, what you need is regular chewing gum. I think I personally, I like sugar free or natural one instead of sugary one because you gonna keep it on the mouth here long time. So it's better to make it natural and then sugar free I think.

Step two, you gonna eat it. You gonna eat the chewing gum and then try to reduce the taste, because the, the taste is not necessary for training. And I think it's not needed. So eat it, eat it and then try to get rid of the sweetness or mintness or something. By the way, this is a bit off topic. But when you chew, especially you chew the chewing gum, when you do the chewing gum you chew long time. So that's what I'm wanted to say. If you chew hmm here. Masseter muscle too much. And then you gonna get square shape. And if you have grinding or, um, yeah. Teeth contact habit issue or something like that, that's gonna worsen it, so be careful. I like the chewing. If you haven't watched my eating video please check it out.

Step three, in the mouth it's hard to explain because I cannot show my mouth inside of my mouth, but in the mouth, after you get rid of the taste you gonna make it circle tiny, tiny ball with the tongue. I mean, it doesn't have to be really perfect ball shape, but something like that, you created with your tongue inside your mouth and then attach on your palate. For example, like this should not be touching on the part teeth, right above the not above, behind the upper front teeth, something like this. So you get this and then with the tongue with the tongue flatten it, flatten the chewing gum and attach it. Just be careful not to touch the teeth, front teeth but on the palate right before, right before your front teeth put it here like this, like this, and obviously doesn't have to be this nice shaped. It could be like rough, weired shaped, but that's okay. Then mew, mew it but right now, this is your tongue, this is a palate, upper teeth so there is, uh, this is chewing gum here, so it's easy to feel it. It's easy to keep it up. Don't you think? Or other idea, which I like this better than this is, put it on the more in between front, in between. It's like in the middle, it's like between the hard part. Um, soft palate and hard palate.

So this is your palate , upper teeth, your throat, neck. And then this is your tip of the tongue, tip of the tongue. And you put that tip of the tongue really close the throat and then all the way come, not this, but all the way. Um, and then do it quickly. You feel two speed bumps, two speed bumps one is soft and then, then the other one is hard one. And then I, like, I personally like putting the chewing gum in between them in between the soft and hard palate and then try to keep it up all the time. I been testing around many areas or many shapes, but to be honest, that doesn't really matter. I don't think where it is. Maybe it matters for you. It depends on the person maybe, but in my case, it doesn't matter if it's here or here or like all over doesn't matter. I can really train, train keep mewing it and it's easy for me to keep doing it because of the chewing gum, because there's some kind of object your touching. It's easier to keep it up. It's not really easy to keep it up, but I think it helps me to be conscious that's the point.

Right now It's kind of all over the palate my chewing gum is all over the palate but that's okay. As long as I feel like it's easier for me to be conscious. So, um, but one thing, one thing or two things don't drink with this, don't eat with it this because I don't want to, I don't want you to get any choking or any bad symptoms happens that incident happened to you.

So don't drink or I think talking is, I think it's fine. I think, but, um, be careful. Um, don't drink, don't eat with chewing gum. Obviously you cannot do this chewing thing on the palate for long time too long time, but I think this can be a good kickstart If you wanna really train it, maybe you tried this one hour or two hours or 30 minutes per day or something like that. And then it will be easier for you to keep doing it even without chewing gum. I mean, the chewing gum is like initial kickstart. Aside from this chewing gum idea, I think body posture is super important because if you're doing like, like this, or like this it's not easy to keep mewing it ,because everything is connected. Airway is going to be restricted if you have bad body posture. So fixing, improving body posture is super important for mewing. Also I did a soft swallow and hard swallow difference video. Please check it out if your interested in, because every time you swallow, you are doing probably doing correct mewing.

So it's swallowing something, water or saliva or food or anything. Every time you swallow, you can reset it and then try to keep it. That's a good, good way to reset your tongue posture. You can also do post it and put it everywhere about tongue posture to be reminded. Or my favorite idea is Dr. Mew every time you touch your phone, you'll be reminded, Oh, I have to do it. But I constantly looking for new ideas. So please comment if you have any other ideas or if you have some, which one works, which one doesn't or anything like that. And especially, I love to know how you like this idea. Please try it If you wanna really train mewing and let me know in the comment below, by the way, I got this chewing idea inspired by myo spots.

Myospots are tablets specifically formulated for the tongue training, tongue posture training. So if you're interested in check the link in the description below, but I don't have them because they're based in Australia. So, um, in the meantime, I decided to try this and I thought it works. Thank you so much. If you haven't checked my face yoga app, please try it and face yoga certification course, instructor certification is also available on our website. And what else um prime video for face yoga 101.Thank you so much see you next video bye.
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