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The Less You Move The Better For Anti-Aging

Hi everyone, today I'm gonna talk about one particular area in the face that you should not move the less you use the less you move here the better for anti-aging the answer is Tim the less you move here the better because of so many reason but basically this is over working muscle this is sleeping muscle and this is like when the old working muscles over working working working working…. and then it's really playing down everything is being pulled down so you get the cheekbone is gonna meltdown the salabial is gonna be really pulled down so you get more line and more jaw, more jaw line here, saggy jaw line here and it's like you get tension here and it's not good.

I just got Brut so if you are using the jaw line like the open open open see there's something like this cushion this cushion, this one is gonna kind of a get lots of friction it gets thinner the thinner you have the more pain you get like TMJ so it's really important to not try not to move the jaw in your daily facial activities.

So I'm gonna explain five common actions or activity on there on your face that you might be doing and open using your chin excessively and how to stop it.

Number one, when you are eating if you get some a lot of stuff and then and then open ah… this is very very important in all the five things, very very important if you have TMJ pain especially if you have too much TMJ pain even if you don't have it very very important if you have beautiful skin and a face all the time anyway if you bite a big stuff become mount and then you have to open your mouth bigger and using this muscle extensively I feel a little bit movement here and the less movement you use here the better, so my suggestion is use chopsticks or something if you can't do chops that's fine but try to move that take out the smaller pieces and then so that you don't have to open your mouth bigger so for that if you eat thick burger you have to do like in this is not a good idea even though I like burgers.

Next one is brushing your teeth so here's your open bigger unnecessarily it's an SSL you you can close your mouth and your wash it I mean brush it, without moving jaw without moving without opening your mouth too big and also same thing as this flossing, I cannot sleep without flossing, I’m obsessed but I tried to close, close my mouth when flow, it's hard it's hard I still open my mouth a lot because I have to put my fingers inside but it's still it's hard to stop but ah hahaha this is easy but I'm using this muscle too much so it's hard but just try to not to open your mouth a little bit less movement the better.

Number three, laughing so useful laughs like ahahahahahahaha using so much so instead of using this muscle try to laugh here ahahahaha, instead of ahahahah… I mean maybe maybe you're not doing this much but just try to move more here instead of here when you laugh or when you smile.

Number four, this is important speak because everybody speaks not everyone but a lot of people speak I speak too so let's do this use. Your finger put your here and then aeiaou…. so the movement of the cheeks should be aeiaou… bad example is it aei aei… this is bad it is good but aei is not good and aou aou try to use more philtrum here upper lip to like make a dark lip aou is better than aou… using too much muscle in the chin yeah so try to reduce the chin tension it's much as possible when you speak and it's so hard I'm still learning about this but I feel like my lower teeth is less showing the better it's still a symmetrical that bothers me but I I think it's getting better.

Last one is yawning, so yawning like… when use when you sleep is tired or something… and there's so much tension pressure is happening here it's really bad and then I start doing what when I when I yawn… move that tension from bottom up here from the chin to the cheeks instead of, I still open mouth but not as big as before in I stroke it's so weird that if I'm trying to your and then again it's a very very strange looking but people are not really paying attention to you unless you're they are carefully looking at you so if I'm just doing the gym or I don't know walking or cafe or something I just do it because I don't want to waste my chin I don't want to use my chin tension I want to be beautiful so I don't care how I look just it's like just two seconds or one second right so who cares? Your face is more your face is more important so the five activity that you might be using too much on the chin, so 5 facial, 5 facial activities that you might be excessively using this gym muscle that you should stop and I how to stop it so the eating thing eating thing or as 1 and brushing your teeth and how to speak and yawning and what else laughing laughing maybe laughing you you're not already doing that but you might be doing a so I just wanted to introduce.

Thank you very much for watching! If you're interested in other exercises, visit Koko face free download this yoga paper and the sugar oil and the book is available as well and our app is available some really good contents are the same contents are on aired on what's that fire TV so please leave leave review because relaunched and there's no review yet, it’s the app you will need to download on fire TV. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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