Things You Can Do From Non-Dominant Side, For Fixing Asymmetrical Body And Face

Things You Can Do From Non-Dominant Side, For Fixing Asymmetrical Body And Face

Hi everyone, today I'm going to introduce ten things that you can start doing from non-dominant side, in my previous video I talked about 12 things that you can do with non-dominant hand to make our body more symmetrical and face most metrical as well but today's gonna be different today is the things that you can do from left side not left hand by left side, those are relatively easier than using left hand because you serious dominant hand but still if you keep doing it I'm just there's some behavior that I'm gonna introduce with from the left side your brain is kind of get confused and it's a good training to train more left side and left hand as well. So if you’re very concerned about asymmetrical face and body, keep watching.

Number one, when you brush your teeth use, I always do some how I do from aha right right the right side which is my dominant side so why don't we start with non-dominant side you still use the right hand I mean the dominant hand but you can still try to do from the non-dominant side which is different behavior so it's good for brain and it's good for symmetrical body structures as well.

Number 2, make up, when you do, let's say eyebrow, I tried, if I don't think about it, I use, I start with the dominant side so why don't we start with non-dominant side and then come back to dominant side.

Number three, eye make up, it's the same thing, start with non-dominant side.

Number four, Cupid's bow so when you apply lipstick there like a Cupid's bow here right so somehow I start always do from this side well so why don't I start with this side for a change.

Number five, cheek, when you do cheek, I always do this from this side so why don't we start from this side.

Number six, when you wear pants I always do from this side right side so I should try to do more from left side.

Number seven, when you wear something I always my right side is first like this is first so instead I should do this left side and then right side so doesn't have to be just this top that could be like a jacket or anything and when you take it off I always do from right side right? so maybe I should yeah I should do from left side and then out.

Number eight, stocks, so when you wear socks, I always do from the right side so I should start from left side.

Number nine, shoes, people tend to wear from the right side I mean the non dominant side so let’s start fromt non-dominant.

Last thing is a little bit different it's about, so eye patch so if you use eyepatch on the non-dominant eye which is most likely left side because if you are right-handed very likely that your right eye is more dominant eye so right, let the dominant eye rest so that you use more don't non-dominant eye so I'm going to eyepatch this dominant side yeah just slightly and then watch TV or yeah if you work on computer with this it's gonna be so hard it's very very stressful so I don't suggest to do that unless you're very used to it but maybe you watch TV or something relax, stretch or something then you can spend some time like hours with this and when you open it, actually I've done it multiple times and it makes big difference, my eyes are so, like eyesight it becomes very like clear eye sizes more symmetrical because this overusing overused eye is having lots of rest so yeah it becomes bigger yeah so if you're interested if you spare us your symmetrical I sizes, size please try it.

I am not saying you should do everything that I introduced, even me I'm not doing it but it's a good reminder teaching to myself by teaching you guys because we all want a asymmetrical face right not all but I know people want the symmetrical face I want symmetrical face too and in order to create symmetrical face we need symmetrical body so we should use more non-dominant side to make our body and face most symmetrical right?

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