Tighten Upper Neck Skin

Tighten Upper Neck Skin

Hi guys, today I'm going to talk about how to reduce or prevent double chin. It's more like a little bit upper, how to say what's the word, English word for this area like a chin but not here but more like here, this hidden area more like the upper neck kind of thing so let's do it .

This is a new exercise, let me show you how… Then keep this… I don't know if you guys could see what I'm doing but look up, unless you have neck pain look up and stretch your neck as much as possible my original one is a sticking out your tongue, right? This time, I would like you to do like a this Pringles, Pringles lips and then… [Music]

When you do it you don't have to scream though I'm just exaggerating the motion movement but you do that Pringles lip and then look up I mean look up and then Pringles and then use tricks you should feel like here is very very big stretch when you, when you do it, try it, so look up then I feel here a lot so if you stick on your tongue, more like a bigger area yeah but straight up the Pringles one I feel more here so this is really great for reducing, preventing double chin if you want to have more sharper area here. And then of course you can do 45 degree, 45 degree so let's do it! Then, the other side [Music] whoo… it's tiring.

Warning, when you do a look up because you look up you might be closing a little bit wrinkled here but I want to relax here so if that happens close your eyes so that you don't have to look anything when you look something it's automatically you may be causing wrinkle here because you're using this muscle but if you close your eyes I don't think you will cause wrinkle here so try it. If you have a habit to cause wrinkled forehead or move lift up the eyebrow this is not good so when you look up, close your eyes and stretch your neck and then… [Music] then 10 seconds, then like this in each one, two, three, ten seconds each.

Another warning is that when you do it I don't want to do like this shoulders should be down relax here and instead of like this, if like you do like this you're not really stretching because you I want to stretch this is down and this is up right so this is like this stretch and if it's like this it's not really efficient it's it's not effective.

Thank you very much for watching! If you're interested in more exercises please come to my website face yoga with koko.com and get the yoga paper free download and my book in sugar oil and other products there too. Be sure to check my other social media, Instagram Facebook, Twitch, what else there's another one, the Tik-tok yeah!

Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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