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Update On Dr. Mew's Petition

Happy New Year 2022! Thank you for your support in 2021. I'm thrilled about more exciting opportunities with all of you. Quick update on the Dr. Mew news case, as you may know, I started a petition to save Dr. Mew's dental license and I'm grateful for the outpouring of support. We received 2,100 petitions. Thank you so much for your reading and support. I truly appreciate it.

Thank you again for your support. We're still trying to gather more help for Dr. Mew's situation and your assistance is greatly appreciated. There have been some comments on the page, including one from Reek C who says that after having permanent teeth extracted for braces and wisdom teeth removed, they now have a caved-in and unhealthy looking face with an underbite. This led to a TMJ issue that has destroyed their career and life. After a decade of trying to understand the issue, they believe that retractive orthodontics is the main cause of the compromise of their musculoskeletal function.”

Reek C believes that extraction orthodontics is one of the most invasive procedures performed on kids without proper informed consent. This needs to change. Reek C was a 13-year old kid when they underwent the procedure and had no idea of the potential consequences. The negative effects can be gradual and difficult to detect without a full analysis of the skull, jaws, and body posture, which orthodontists do not typically do. Dr. Mew is challenging the traditional, dogmatic approach to orthodontics and is facing opposition from the establishment. This should make people even more skeptical of traditional orthodontics."

There is a shocking comment about dental treatment, but I've seen similar opinions on my YouTube channel. I made a video about not extracting teeth easily, as one doctor suggested. The holistic dentist Dr. Sally believes in functional facial features and doesn't want patients to undergo unnecessary extractions. I asked medical friends and one dentist about this before launching a petition to protect myself. Other dentists also agree that the methods used, not the practitioner, are causing negative opinions and may lead to license revocation. I believe the petition is valid and has received 2,100 signatures so far. Our goal is 2,500 signatures to bring more attention to the issue. I appreciate your support by signing and spreading the word. Influencers and YouTubers have also supported the cause. I would be grateful if you could spread the information and help save Dr. Mew’s license.

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