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Warning About Lower Eyelid Lift Up Exercise

Hi everyone! Today is gonna be very quick, warning about one of the exercises because I heard some comment from YouTube followers in the comment section or if my client said something's a little bit similar and wanted to announce something.

When you do lower eyelid lift up exercise do not squint too hard, you don't need to have a big move pppp pppp big movement it should be very little movement, very tiny movement so you don't really have to squint and especially I mean the upper eyelids should not be moving only lower eyelid especially the outer but you really don't need to make it like a dramatic you don't have to do that as long as you feel like you're really trying to lift up around here that's a that's good enough otherwise you might cause some wrinkles or lines or something like that so I just wanted to you guys to know that you you're not supposed to really squint and otherwise you might yeah I don't want to do that so very very tiny movement as long as you feel like you're really trying to move here that's good enough so recently I studied using two hands each to prevent wrinkle on that inner side inner corners of the eye and then outer corner here too so that tell the brain that we are trying to move outer corners of the eye not inner. Inner is easy it's too easy so don't do that this you don't need more attention here and you want to wake up outer corners of the eyes so you use two fingers and then prevent wrinkles and tiny movement and if you want to know how to do it check other videos and just as this is great for if you search lower eyelid lift up or ageosol that you're gonna find my videos later basically lift up lower eyelids because it's sleeping to prevent eye bag then the more makes the defined I look more bigger eyes and also prevent the hollow all or reduce hollow because we are bringing up the fact around the eyeball from bottom up to fill the hollow area and we are also great for reducing or preventing forehead wrinkles because we're gonna wake up this muscle so that you when you open your eyes a little bit bigger you don't have to depend on this forehead muscle so you're gonna have more forehead smooth out forehead or there's so many benefits and by the way I'm wearing this yeah because it's so cold here! Anyway I just want you to let you know that when you do this exercise do not squint too much very very tiny movement is the best .

Thank you very much for watching see in the next video. Next video is gonna be exercise tutorial as usual so stay tuned. Thank you! Bye!
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