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What Does Asymmetrical Mewing Mean

When you swallow saliva the tongue should be expanded to the side. I feel it.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about asymmetrical mewing. What is asymmetrical mewing? So I just named it. It's not real word. I just named the asymmetrical mewing because I didn't know how to say it, but when you're mewing, you know what is mewing, right? If you don't know, check my other video to understand what it's mewing that's the first step. But assuming, you know what it is, you're trying to do it like me. And then the thing about mewing is that you have to put the tongue in flat on the palate, right? But my problem, my personal problem, and I hear often from my clients too, it's not, it's not really flat. It's not really symmetrical. It's more like there's dominant side, always in the mouth. For example, you might be chewing on one side only, or grinding on one side only or something like that.And the posture. And I talked about why your right side is sagging. So check that because it's super related. But anyway, the point is, if you were pressuring one dominant side, in my case, it's more left side, but you might have different side. I don't know. But the point is, if you using the tongue is has dominant side. That's not good. That's gonna cause the asymmetrical face because I needed this Bruce, because the tongue is lifting this maxilla, and this is a center of the face. So it's gonna be tilted. It's gonna be more up or up or something like that. If this is, if the center of the face is tilted of course, everything else is gonna be tilted and you get. asymmetrical face. So I think it's very, very important to have the flat symmetrical mewing all the time.

So please everyone check your mewing now in your mouth and then try to try to see if it has more dominant side or not. And if you have dominant sides, please keep watching. If you don't have, even if you don't have dominant sides, I think this is very interesting information for you. So keep watching, I am going to introduce three ways to fix asymmetrical mewing.

Number one, swallow saliva, your saliva. That's the easiest thing, right? Cause you do all the time, I do all the time too. So I learned this thing from my dentist that I been working with. So thank you so much. When you swallow saliva the tongue, should be expanded to the side. So let's drink saliva, Let's accumulate saliva and drink it. And when you swallow, you really feel the expansion of the tongue but not to the, this, but this, this is the one I want you to feel it. Do you feel it? If you're successfully feel the expansion of the tongue is to the side and then that's great. So every time you wanna reset your tongue posture, you slowly drink, swallow the saliva and try to reset to make it more flat.

Number two, drink water I mean, doesn't have to be water. It could be anything but the same idea as saliva, but you drink more water. So it's easier for you to feel that tongue expansion to the side. So let's drink something. Do you feel it? One more time.I feel it. By the way, I did how to drink video. So if you haven't watched that please check it out. Because every time you drink, you might be doing some bad habit.

Number three, tilt your head. So my case, my tongue is on more left side. Cause it's like this. So on purpose you tilt on the right side and feel the gravity, let the, let the tongue feel gravity and then slowly come back.Do you feel? Is it more flat? Or of course, if this, your tongue is more right side on purpose, you tilt on the left side. And then after that, of course, tongue is inside my mouth. But, then slowly come back and try to make it as flat as possible. Those are three ways to reset your tongue posture, to make as flat as possible, drinking saliva, drinking water, and tilting to the non-dominant sides.

If you have other ideas, please let me know because that's one of my room for improvement and I'm really trying to investigate more and more. So thank you so much. And if you haven't checked my face yoga app yet, please try it. It's three day free trial and free download. So why not and I also launch that instructor certification course, including for doctors as well. So if you're interested in taking my instructor certification course, please check and see you in the next video. Thank you so much bye.
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