What Is Eyebrow Fascia And Brow Pinching? | Release Fascia From Muscles For Symmetrical Brows, Etc

What Is Eyebrow Fascia And Brow Pinching? | Release Fascia From Muscles For Symmetrical Brows, Etc

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about fascia on eyebrow area. Fascia is a very very thin layer between muscle and skin and that must the faster layer becomes very tense and hard when muscle become hard and then what happens is the fascia is supposed to distribute good nutrients and oxygen to the skin but it because it's so so hard in so steep it does not work so it does not the skin does not receive any good stuff from the muscle right? so yeah the important thing is to win when that happened up that fascia become really sticky, stick to that muscle and it does not reduce it's not released so it's important to release that posture by doing pinching technique. In my previous video I talked about the importance of this making the forehead a little bit more fuller not this bee and then pick this thing this bump makes you look older and this is happening from muscle not that I talked about in in my previous one and also fascia is so stick sticked and so stick to the muscle so hard so if you all have really really really have beautiful forehead and beautiful symmetrical eyebrows and everything please keep watching.

What you need is two fingers like this and then pinch it not from here but like little bit more like an inside this area inside in the inside then pull and then little bit out because you don't across wrinkle like this the across your wrinkle right? between eyebrows you don't like that so pull and then out it's a bit hardest pitch yeah but this has the biggest tension happening so pinch and then out then one two three four five then a little bit more up then pinch and out one two three four five then again pinch and out one two three four five.

When you do this be careful not to not to really stretch the eye area because this is a skin, thin skin so you're not a stretch too much so just be careful also if you have same sticky pointy now be careful better to cut short so that does not damage the skin and does not damage the eyeball - yeah don't damage the eyeball yeah, so number three pinch and out so I think we did the number four fourth position pinch and out one two three four five really like this pinching like this much see my muscle is moving because I have a lot yeah like this piinnchh not just paint but paint and then number five position pinch and out one two three four five yep and then just reduce the tension by doing like this the tempo yep that’s it!

You can do more like motion more much like around the motion but when you do it try not to cause a wrinkle like this super careful like just a little bit but it's easy to cause a wrinkle like this in between here so super super duper careful yeah cuz you don't wanna have this.

My forehead is a little bit red because of this but this is super temporary so don't worry about it and you can use oil if you like so you could do when you're apply skincare and do at the same time, that's great idea but if you feel like oh you're waiting or friends or something and you have time to do it just do it without oil so that you can do anytime anywhere.

As long as you're not really big causing friction you're not gonna get skin damage so just pinch and out in up up and up put so I pull up out and out.

As always please visit my website Koko face@yoga.com to free download the yoga paper, sugar oil, book, app is available and also super exciting project is coming up! So please stay tuned!
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