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What Is Gonial Angle? The Most Attractive Degree Is 120-130 | How To Keep The Angle Within The Range

How to eat, how to drink, how to smile. Of course, gonial line is going to be bigger, more than 130degree. Not good.

Hi everyone. Today. I'm going to talk about gonial line. Gonial line is this, this jawline if in general, it's considered, if for men 130 degrees is ideal for the most attractive face in general, for women it's considered 120 to 130. So if this angle is more than 130, ah, it's not, but more like this, which means, um, that face is longer, which is not considered good. So I'm going to introduce three tips to three exercises to kind of, uh, keep the gonial line smaller or 120 to 130.

Number one, tongue posture. I keep talking about this. So you might be tired of hearing this, but it's the most important thing. Tongue posture because when the tongue is up on the, against the palate, you automatically naturally lift up everything. So you will have the lifted lift up face and that all the tension is from the bottom up because if the tongue is down on that bottom when your face is resting, everything is down, down, down, pulling down, and then bone structure might change too. So you get more, more than 130 degrees in this gonial line, and then the face becomes longer. So it's very, very important. Just a quick summary. So the tongue should be not this, but this the difference, not this, but this wants to know more the detail, how to achieve this check the other videos.

Number two face posture when your face has to move because you are smiling or eating, drinking, or many things. If you haven't watched our latest how to eat, how to drink, how to smile video, please do so. But let's just quickly summarize that. So when you, uh, let's do drinking when you're drinking, instead of every time you do bad posture like this, this applies to when your face is resting as well, but the more you do, become pointy and they become longer. And the gonial line become bigger than 130 degrees.I think. So always head is on, not like this head is on your butt always when you're walking or when you're sitting at the desk. The other thing is that if you're doing like this and Ooh, the more you get tension here, the face become longer because it's pulling down. So when you smile, the head is on your butt, and then tiny smile, not when you smile, when you drink tongue is of course when you swallow your water, the tongue is a hard mew, like a pressing up like this, like this, and then drink that water or any drink. Also, the same thing for the eating, eating [inaudible] I did a more detailed video. So please check that. But the point is, when you swallow again, again, the tongue is lifting up and down, not down, but swallow. When you smile, the same thing, always tongue is up. If the tongue is, you can do this experiment, tongue put your tongue on the bottom of the chin, and then smile. I have a lot of tension here. Do you feel it? And then put it next one, put it up on the palate and then do the same smile. It's easier, right? Don't you think so? And if you have a habit to do E smile, and if you don't know the difference, if E smile or the V smile, check the other video too. But when you smile, I like you to put your tongue on top of this palate so that you feel more tension here and reduce tension inhere.

Number three, do not drop your jaw, as little as possible in your daily life. So even when you're talking, when you're yawning, try not to move your chow, chow, not chow. Chow is a, yeah, chin and jaw are combined as a chow, that's my words. But don't drop your jaw. The more you do, the more you develop this muscle, and then the more you do because it's an aha, of course, the gonial line it's going to be bigger, more than 130 degree. That's not good. You guys know the importance of not showing lower teeth when you're talking, right? So if you haven't watched the video please do so basically you don't want to show lower teeth because if you have to show lower teeth, it always brings it down. Overworking muscle is going down, pulling down my gonial line is so long. And the other thing is yawning, yawning. Everyone, yawns. I think everyone does not maybe not everyone. Lots of people do include me. And you don't know how many times do you do. I do a lot when I'm bored. Um, then every time, Ahh then that increases the gonial line angle, right? So you don't want to do that. So when you, when you yawn, this is another video you have to watch. If you haven't watched it, but in summary, instead of a, ah, try not to move the chin and then put your finger to relax the nose or eyes, or it could be like this, every time you yawn. So right now I yawn, every time I yawn I touch my here to relax, otherwise I'dcause too many wrinkles. That's not good. So relax here. I mean, this has nothing to do with the gonial line thing, but yeah, that's another tip anyway, when you yawn. No, no, but yeah. And try to move your cheek.

If you want to know more other exercises, please visit my website to free download yoga paper and the sugar oil for the skin. And the app is available. If you have any trouble with the App, please email us smile@kokofaceyoga.combecause we have answers for you if you're having trouble and the AI Koko is available as well, waiting for your questions? So if the robot can not answer, I will answer. So please try that if you haven't and thank you really so much for your all the comments, I read everything and I try to answer on the video because I cannot answer each one, but I really appreciate them. Thank you so much. And then see you in the next video. Bye.
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