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What You Get From Nose Breathing VS Mouth Breathing

If you do mouth breathing, you open the mouth, right? So that pushes this guy down. So even if you do try to get the in same oxygen, the entrance of the airway is like very narrow.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about five reasons why you should do nose breathe instead of a mouth breathe. And also there's one interesting fact that there's something that is not produced by mouth breathing but is produced by nose breathing and it's very important for the body. So let's do it.

The number one reason why you should do nose breathe is fight viruses, nose breathe help fight viruses. And researcher says nasal breathing may help the absorption of coronavirus as well. I did a video before, so if you wanna know more, but in summary, if you do nose breathing 70% of the foreign object is blocked. But if you do mouth breathing 0% is blocked only 0%. I mean 0% nothing. So you just get the virus, bad stuff and go into the lungs. Versus if it's nose breathing, there are three block point, which I did talk about that in the video. So if you haven't watched that please do.

Benefits of nose breathing number two, the air is moisturized in the nasal cavity and the throat. But versus if you do mouth breathing, it's just dry. And because your mouth is open, you get dry mouth, which leads to more tooth decay or bad mouth odor.

Benefits of the nose breathing number three, because you get air, all the way in the nasal cavity income. So imagine the amount of air is big difference versus nose breathing and mouth breathing. So you get more oxygen by doing the nose breathing. And if you don't have much enough oxygen, when you breathe, you get a poor, um, sleep, less focus poor, um, less energy, less, better, poor productivity. All the bad things will happen. My understanding is the, when you're doing nose breathing, inhale then airway. This is airway so the entrance, the airway is huge, but if you do mouth breathing, you open the mouth, right? So that pushes this guy down. So even if you do try to get the in same oxygen, the entrance of the airway is like very narrow than nose breathing part. So you get less oxygen and I am not doctor. So if you're watching this and, if I'm wrong, please cor-, correct me in description below, not description in comment below, I would appreciate it.

Nose breathing benefit number four, nitric oxide. So this is the guy who you get when you do nose breathing, but you did not get this if you do mouth breathing. The function of nitric oxide is widen blood vessels. So you get more oxygen, more, better blood circulation, which is really good for skin. If you want to have good skin and also lower blood pressure improve the condition of type II diabetes. And also overall performance is improved. Like if you're athlete, you really need nitric ac-, nitric oxide, because you need physical peak performance all the time.

Benefit of nose breathing number five, physical appearance. Because when you do mouth breathing, your mouth is always open. So the skin is stretched and you get jowl who wants to have jowl? I don't think so. Um, also not just that the face become longer because it's, uh, I'm exaggerating, but of course, uh always jaw is a little bit dropping down and you might think it's a little bit, but imagine that you are doing the nose, mouth breathing like 23 hours a day, right? Including when you're sleeping. So then face become really longer from the bone structure level. If the bone structure changes, it's hard to fix it. So as a face yoga instructor, I'm interested in beauty in addition to health, but beauty is my part. So I highly, highly, highly recommend nose breathing.

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